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Wondering how to make your SEO business a breakthrough? Then it`s the right time to get first-class professional SEO software for keyword checks & tracking. Rank Tracker is a reliable and comprehensive SEO tool for keyword research and flexible tracking of your site`s search engine rankings. Rank Tracker performs the following tasks with maximum accuracy and proficiency possible: - Checks rankings for your keywords in 314 global and local search engines and makes your checks as search engine friendly as possible (due to proxy rotation and human emulation features); - Provides real-time rankings and keyword research data; - Compares your ranking positions with those of 5 competitors of your choice; - Researches keywords by 19 different methods and lets you import keyword data from Google Analytics; - Calculates the Keyword Efficiency Index for each and every keyword (a number of searches to competition ratio) and shows you the very best keywords to optimize your website for; - Shows your site`s ranking positions in both Universal and geo-specific Google search results (including categories such as Images, Videos, News, Places etc.); - Reflects your site moving up and down in search results and allows you to monitor rankings over a specified period of time; - Creates eye-pleasing line charts to visualize your progress over a period of time and summarizes check results in clear and easy-to-read tables; - Generates 6 types of detailed SEO reports that let you assess your website`s rankings, traffic, competition and visibility at a glance. - Offers workspaces that can be customized to suit your needs and make data management as convenient as possible. Power-charge your SEO with Rank Tracker and dominate Google in no time at all!
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Update history of Rank Tracker Professional
v6.15.6 (December, 7. 2014)
-You now have a new tab called Rankings Summary in Rank Tracker.
-A closer integration with Google Analytics & google AdWords has been implemented that lets you get keyword data from these services right away.
-Some issues with Rank Tracker's built-in Chromium browser have been urgently fixed.
v6.15 (October, 5. 2014)
-You can now compare your rankings to those from any date in the past
-It's now possible to transfer custom workspace settings between projects
-New 'Domain Overview' tab added that has key SEO metrics on the domain in your project
v6.13.4 (July, 19. 2014)
-The process of searching for live proxies and adding them to the proxy manager has become more streamlined
-There have been several important bug fixes relased for Google Analytics integration in Rank Tracker
v6.12.19 (June, 11. 2014)
- New Keyword Difficulty feature
- New one-click printing feature
v6.12.3 (March, 4. 2014)
- Anti-CAPTCHA service improved
- A new Chromium browser integrated
- PPC Analysis module improved and expanded
- 'Google Keyword Planner' suggestor improved
v6.11.10 (December, 1. 2013)
- Increased integration performance with Death by CAPTCHA service to make sure your searches go smoothly;
- Optimized code to reduce memory consumption introduced.
v6.11.6 (November, 16. 2013)
- Significant CAPTCHA-related update. Now you can use Death by CAPTCHA anti-CAPTCHA key to make sure your searches go smoothly
- Rank Tracker's code was changed in accordance with the algorithm changes in Google AdWords Keyword Tool.
v6.11.1 (August, 29. 2013)
- Improvements were launched to improve tracking traffic from social media.
- Significant updates were implemented in Rank Tracker to ensure compatibility with new and huge backlink index in SEO SpyGlass.
- The number of search engines was revised and now is 332.
v6.10.3 (June, 22. 2013)
- Now you can check rankings in Google and Bing as from a specified city.
- The PPC Analysis tab got updated and improved, which means you can get valuable insights into your PPC campaigns right in Rank Tracker.
- The number of search engines was revised and now is 346.
v6.7.3 (February, 23. 2013)
- Rank Tracker now lets you edit automatically collected rankings by hand;
- You can now pause/resume checks (the already collected data will get cached, which will allow you to restart the check from the last updated keyword);
- The number of supported search engines has been revised and is 342.
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