NetUpdate 2.04

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NetUpdate is the fastest and easiest way to distribute all your software updates. Using a powerful client/server infrastructure, application software can be modified or completely updated in whatever configuration best suits your requirements.

Flexible, secure, and reliable. NetUpdate is a simple, yet comprehensive software update solution. Built on long trusted, industry-safe Internet and LAN protocols, it is ideally suited to support IT professionals, network administrators, software developers, kiosk vendors and technical service departments. Whether you need to keep the software on a corporate fleet of computers up-to-date, or simply provide an update solution for an application you are developing, NetUpdate is the only product you will ever need.

Key reasons why NetUpdate should be your only choice:
- Works with Windows Vista
- Cost effective solution
- Flexible architecture
- Small, fast client agent
- Industry standard, trusted protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and LAN
- Choice of update method - self update, external setup file or redirect to URL
- Supports progressive, incremental and cumulative updates just like Windows
- Royalty free distribution
- Easy integration
- User-friendly update Wizard
- Not a single line of code required
- No complicated scripting language required
- Firewall friendly
- Flexible update detection based on version number or time stamp
- Automatic proxy detection with automatic or manual login
- Silent, hidden or interactive runtime modes
- Flexible check update schedule
- Encrypted security code provides added protection and confidence in updates
- Optional log file aids debugging
- Hide source and destination file location option
- Create backup of all replaced files automatically
- Support for target application command-line parameters
- Support for external setup file command-line parameters
- Full control over HTTP Internet & cache options
Type : Shareware ($149.95) » EULA
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Feb, 1. 2007 / 3966 kBytes
Asked : 2.5MB Free Disk Space
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Update history of NetUpdate
v2.04 (November, 26. 2008)
Added support for compressed files, and more...
v2.02 (November, 7. 2008)
Revised interface with support for Vista
v1.85 (July, 9. 2008)
New Release
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