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Take Command offers a new approach to working in Windows, bringing users the power of the command line and the ease of use of the Windows interface. Take Command supports existing CMD.EXE commands and batch files, and adds thousands of new features, giving you more power and flexibility than you ever imagined. And CMD and PowerShell users will love Take Command`s tabbed console windows and Windows shell integration. Take Command adds features such as extensive context-sensitive online help, shell monitoring commands, plugins, aliases for commonly used commands, a powerful command line editor, history recall, filename completion (even across a network), popup command and directory history windows, and extended directory searches that can take you to any directory on your system by entering only part of its name. Take Command expands the Windows file handling commands, giving you the ability to copy, move, delete, or list multiple files with a single command, and adding FTP and HTTP support (including SSL and SSH) . You can select or exclude files from any command by their date, time, size, and extended wildcards for extraordinary flexibility. Batch file users will be amazed at the power and speed Take Command adds to Windows batch files, with an array of new batch commands and a powerful batch debugger with single stepping, breakpoints, syntax coloring, popup variable windows, and editing. The extended batch language in Take Command includes subroutines, DO statements, IF THEN ELSE statements, SWITCH statements, error handling, more than 190 internal commands and 550 internal variables. And if you don`t like the default behavior, Take Command allows you to adjust its configuration either through interactive dialogs or on the command line.
Type : Shareware ($99.95) » EULA
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Sep, 29. 2014 / 22903 kBytes
Asked : 60Mb free disk space
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Update history of Take Command x64
v17.00.77 (March, 26. 2015)
New features:
Popup edit windows for aliases, environment variables and variable functions.
TCC dialogs no longer block other tab windows.
40 new or updated variable functions and internal variables.
A number of new TCC keyboard shortcuts.
3 new internal commands.
18 updated internal commands.
v17.00 (December, 1. 2014)
Over 100 new features since v16, including a new parser that removes all length restrictions on variables and command lines, and uses 10x less memory. There are also 21 new or updated internal commands, and 40 new or updated variables and variable functions.
v16.03.55 (August, 13. 2014)
Over 300 new features since v15, including a new UI for Take Command, a Quick Options toolbar, Undo / Redo eoptions for Take Command and the IDE, many new TPIPE options, internal support for Lua scripts, 7ZIP archives, faster ZIP / UNZIP / TAR / UNTAR, and 30 internal variables & variable functions.
Distribution permissions for Take Command x64
The unregistered, evaluation version of Take Command may be freely distributed, provided the distribution package is not modified. No person nor company may charge a fee for the distribution of Take Command without written permission from the copyright holder JP Software Inc.
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