IpSharkk IP Changer 2.0

Free IpSharkk IP Changer screenshot fileWorks with Windows Vista
Ip Sharkk offers you wide choice of IP addresses from all over the world. You can change your IP as often as you want, either manually ot automatically every set period of time (even every 1 minute!). Change occurs flawlessly and doesn`t affect your Internet surfing - connections are super fast. You can redirect any type of traffic you wish, not only your browser (HTTP and HTTPS), but also other applications: email software, chat software, p2p software. If you seriously want to hide your IP, IpSharkk is the solution. No other software on the market offers as huge choice of Ip addresses from so different locations.

Unlike other IP changing programs, IP Sharkk uses it`s internal IP network that is much faster and more reliable than standard proxies that are used by other programs, which makes IP Sharkk truly exceptional tool for everyone who treats Internet privacy seriously.
Type : Shareware ($27.99) » EULA
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Aug, 27. 2008 / 4085 kBytes
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