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FusionCharts Free helps you create free flash charts in your web applications. It supports a variety of chart types including bar, column, line, area, pie, doughnut (donut), combination, funnel, Gantt etc.

FusionCharts Free includes ASP and PHP API to help you easily create charts and graphs in PHP and ASP. Additionally, ASP.NET wrappers are also present for easy inclusion of charts in ASP.NET projects. As such, PHP Charting, ASP Charting and ASP.NET charting becomes a breeze for you. At the same time, FusionCharts Free can also plot charts in JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails or simple HTML pages.

FusionCharts Free is often termed as the best free flash charting tool by its 50,000+ user base. And, it is one of those rare free flash charting component that does NOT link back to our website or shows imprints on the chart. Download now to create free charts and graphs for PHP, ASP.NET, ASP and your other web applications.
Type : Freeware » EULA
OS Support : Windows All
Date stamp / Size : Apr, 20. 2007 / 4321 kBytes
Asked : Flash Player 6 (or above)
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Update history of FusionCharts Free
vv2.1 (February, 16. 2009)
What's new in v2.1:

* New code examples and docs on using FusionCharts with JSP and Ruby on Rails
* FusionCharts DOM for easy inclusion of charts in your pages
* Modified .NET assemblies, code and documentation
* New version of PHP API with new features and bug fixes
vFree (May, 24. 2007)
Newly released.
Distribution permissions for FusionCharts Free
FusionCharts Free can be redistributed with your application for free if you are an open source developer and if your application is non-commercial. This means that you must disclose the full source code of your project, not charge for it, and make it available under an OSI-approved open source license (see www.opensource.org). Note that "full source code" includes all components of the project, not only those which are directly attached to FusionCharts Free.

If you want to redistribute FusionCharts Free as part of your commercial or closed source application, you are encouraged to contact InfoSoft Global at support@fusioncharts.com before deployment, for more information on the available OEM Licenses.

InfoSoft Global allows and encourages 3rd parties to distribute and make as many Exact copies as you wish of FusionCharts Free and distribute it by Internet, BBS`s, Shareware distribution libraries, CD-ROMs, etc provided that the following terms are satisfied:

Exact copies of the complete software package, and that it is unmodified and individual package and not as a part of any other application/product/software.
> The Software may not be made available on any site, CD-ROM, or with any package which makes available or contains viruses, virus source code, virus construction programs, or virus creation material
> Nothing may be charged for the software other than a nominal fee for the distribution costs
> You must disclose that this product is copyrighted by InfoSoft Global
> You must not represent in any way that you are selling the software itself

InfoSoft Global would be thankful to be notified of your distribution efforts: support@fusioncharts.com
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