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Free Froggy vista file

Freeware by German IT Development Ltd.
Downloads : 46
File size : 1064Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Froggy is a funny frog in a glass for your desktop. He shows the weather US and international cities. He speaks English and German.
Free Bible Seeker vista file

Freeware by Ragan Lockette
Downloads : 43
File size : 8145Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Bible Seeker is Freeware Bible Reader integrated with a dictionary, two commentaries, and full text searching. Resources included: KJV Bible, Easton`s Bible Dictionary, Matthew Henry`s Concise Commentary, Notes from the KJV Translator
Free Bible Plus vista file

Freeware by Contact Plus Corporation
Downloads : 35
File size : 2891Kb
OS : Windows All

Freeware popup KJV Bible program. Superfast lookup. Both Old and New Testaments. Totally free - no nags. Works with all versions of Windows. Super small footprint.
Free Joke eBook vista file

Freeware by PrimaSoft PC
Downloads : 54
File size : 300Kb
OS : Win95,Win98,WinME

Free Vista Files award
FREE electronic book with 500 jokes is just for the purpose of bringing a smile to your face! Program is easy to use. You can easily read jokes already included in the book. Optionally you can organize (enter) your jokes.
Free Excel Wordlist English Czech vista file

Demo by TT-Software Databases
Downloads : 10
File size : 71Kb
OS : Windows All

Wordlist dictionary English Czech to integrate into your applications in Excel Format. The demoversion includes the letter "D" with 2170 keywords and translations. Fullversion English Czech Wordlist 34641 keywords and 34641 translations.
Free Calc98 vista file

Freeware by Flow Simulation Ltd.
Downloads : 42
File size : 500Kb
OS : Windows CE

Scientific engineering statistical and financial calculator, with conversions, constants and physical property data, a built-in periodic table of the elements, stopwatch, number base conversions, vectors, matrices and complex numbers.
Free BibleDatabase vista file

Freeware by BibleDatabase
Downloads : 40
File size : 4283Kb
OS : Windows All

Multi Bible viewer. Bible Dictionaries, Commentaries, Biblical Names, Personal Prayer Diary, Biblical Map viewer, Rich Text Word Processor and more.
Free Language Identifier vista file

Freeware by Lextek International
Downloads : 28
File size : 2148Kb
OS : Windows All

The Lextek Language Identifier is capable of automatically identifying that language that a piece of text is written in. Supports over 260 different languages and character encodings. Free for non-commercial use.
Free Weather Stats (Australian only) vista file

Freeware by BirdCage Software
Downloads : 31
File size : 309Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

(FOR AUSTRALIAN WEATHER ONLY) Polls latest Weather Stats at intervals you choose. Data is displayed in a micro banner or System Tray text display (like the clock).
Free Calcul vista file

Freeware by Luzius Schneider
Downloads : 26
File size : 1029Kb
OS : Windows All

Calcul will help your elementary school students practice mental arithmetic or to do fractions. Choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or fractions for an exercise.
Free SoftCuisine vista file

Freeware by MediaWeb
Downloads : 35
File size : 647Kb
OS : Windows All

SoftCuisine is a simple and complete package for storing recipes. It handles planning meals, creating shopping lists and can store information on individual ingredients. SoftCuisine 2 is free to use.
Free Sebran`s ABC vista file

Freeware by Marianne Wartoft AB
Downloads : 50
File size : 807Kb
OS : Windows All

Free Vista Files award
It is never too early for your child to become familiar with letters and numbers. Sebran`s ABC`s colorful pictures, pleasant music, and gentle games teach letters, numbers, simple math, and rudiments of reading.
Free Selingua Language Tutor vista file

Freeware by Marianne Wartoft AB
Downloads : 16
File size : 2455Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
Selingua is a vocabulary training program with extensive built-in dictionaries -- more than 2000 words in each of the following languages: English (both American and British), German, Spanish, French and Swedish.
Free Sulphite Calculator vista file

Freeware by Fermsoft
Downloads : 22
File size : 308Kb
OS : Windows All

Sulphite Calculator can assist the winemaker in calculating the correct amount of sulphite to add in order to achieve desired SO2 levels in wine.
Free Seterra vista file

Freeware by Marianne Wartoft AB
Downloads : 30
File size : 3932Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Seterra is a fun geography program with more than 100 different exercises. Learn about countries, capitals, flags and cities all over the world! Examples of exercises: countries in Europe; American states; American state capitals, etc...
Free DreamBirthday vista file

Freeware by DreamBreed
Downloads : 50
File size : 147Kb
OS : Windows All

DreamBirthday is a small but powerful reminder application that sits quietly in your system tray. It will alert you of events on the day they occur, and can notify you at regular intervals of any up and coming important dates. It is 100% free.
Free Note Attack vista file

Freeware by Aspire Software
Downloads : 57
File size : 646Kb
OS : Windows All

Learn to read sheet music with this free educational video game. Use either your computer keyboard or MIDI keyboard / piano as input.
Free MathMatic Junior Edition vista file

Freeware by Codexcel - Tailored Software
Downloads : 39
File size : 2100Kb
OS : Windows All

Mathmatic is a program for learning and drilling multiplication tables 1 through 12. It is dedicated to that unique task and it does it thoroughly. MathMatic generates and prints drill sheets. The user can configure MathMatic`s sounds and colors.
Free Gravitational Lensing vista file

Freeware by Kwakkelflap
Downloads : 24
File size : 74Kb
OS : Windows All

With this program, one can draw images to see the effect of gravitational lensing. You can easily test the effects of several parameters by changing them and redrawing the image.
Free WordWeb vista file

Freeware by WordWeb Software
Downloads : 67
File size : 21433Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
WordWeb is a powerful free English thesaurus and dictionary. Find definitions and synonyms, as well as various sets of related words, with one-click look up in almost any Windows program. The database has over 150 000 root words.
Free Chords vista file

Freeware by CoolFreeSoftware.com
Downloads : 57
File size : 1540Kb
OS : Windows All

Find alternative fingerings any chord, identify unknown chords, make up and play new chords, and copy, save or print chord diagrams. Tune your guitar with the Guitar Tuner tool.
Free Selingua Columns vista file

Freeware by Marianne Wartoft AB
Downloads : 19
File size : 2074Kb
OS : Windows All

Play a Tetris-style game and learn French, German, Spanish or Swedish! Selingua Columns is similar to the Tetris-like game Columns, but uses words instead of colors.

Freeware by Mohammad Saiedi
Downloads : 35
File size : 27Kb
OS : Windows All

This program uses the complicated Gauss-Jordan elimination method to find the inverse of any square matrix. You simply choose your matrix`s dimensions, then enter the elements of the matrix you want inverted and press Enter.
Free Buensoft Spanish vista file

Freeware by Buensoft.com
Downloads : 27
File size : 4163Kb
OS : Windows All

BuenSoft Spanish is a free innovative listening-based interactive program with 14 interactive games designed to give learners of all ages a fast and easy way to have fun and improve their Spanish.
Free The Mystic Eye Tarot Calculator vista file

Freeware by The Mystic Eye
Downloads : 29
File size : 712Kb
OS : Windows All

A fun, fully functional tarot themed calculator complete with graphics, animation, and sound. Use your mouse or keypad. Tarot cards replace the standard keys. Fun yet practical, replace your standard Windows calculator today!
Free Memoriser vista file

Freeware by Skynergy
Downloads : 29
File size : 779Kb
OS : Windows All

Memoriser is a utility to help you remember phone numbers, account numbers, passwords, birthdays and anything that is important for you to remember but you haven`t actually taken the time or effort to do so.
Free ViziFlow vista file

Freeware by John Beeteson
Downloads : 33
File size : 1530Kb
OS : Windows All

A program to allow the very fast modeling of fluid flow, and the visualization of the streamlines and pressure distribution. Rectangular and circular sections can be entered as well as aerofoils. A flowrate and pressure gauge is provided.
Free Advanced eBook Explorer vista file

Freeware by ElcomSoft Co. Ltd.
Downloads : 32
File size : 688Kb
OS : Windows All

Free Vista Files award
Shows detailed information about Adobe e-books you own: book ID, title, author, publisher, category; permissions (whether or not you can copy or print, lend/give the book, ReadAloud); some PDF technical info, PDF bookmarks and used fonts.
Free Topmost Clock vista file

Freeware by SoftDemon
Downloads : 63
File size : 515Kb
OS : Windows All

Topmost Clock is a transparent desktop clock, which runs on top of all other windows. It may have a digital or analog clock face of various colors, sizes and shapes. It has flexible settings, which allow customizing the clock.
Free Buensoft French vista file

Freeware by Buensoft.com
Downloads : 32
File size : 4163Kb
OS : Windows All

BuenSoft French is a free innovative listening-based interactive program with 14 interactive games designed to give learners of all ages a fast and easy way to have fun and improve their French.