Hanso Burner 3.2.0

Free Hanso Burner screenshot fileWorks with Windows Vista
Hanso Burner belongs to the first-class of CD/DVD burning software that work with Windows. The program is a most comprehensive solution for doing backups and creating/reading ISO files.

Hanso Burner is all about simplicity and convenience - no overcrowded tabs, windows and icons or futile features to get you confused. Hanso Burner gets the job done with high speed and accuracy requiring to special skill from the user; it`s based on a very powerful engine and modern burning technology, full features for backup solutions, user-friendly interface and the classic but well known GUI.

At launching Hanso Burner you will presented in the main window with six clearly labeled icons: Data Disc (CD/DVD), Audio Disc, Video Disc, Write Image, Copy Disc, Read Disc and a top toolbar which, however, can be customized. Click on the View button at the top of the window, select Toolbars and then Customize. Further configuration of the program (for which there`s a special icon in the top-right) includes General (features), Advanced (features), Language (features), Shell Extensions (features).
Hanso Burner is released under GPL version 3.

Why to use Hanso Burner. The software offers:

Support for creating custom data;
Options to create rewritable and multisession discs;
Options to generate audio and mixed-mode projects;
Options to make direct disc copies, on the fly or using a temporary disc image;
Ability to create disc copies;
Ability to record disc images;
Ability to save (and encode) audio and data tracks to files;
Ability to open and edit projects that you have previously saved;
Ability to erase rewritable discs through multiple methods;
Ability to record to dual-layer DVDs;
Ability to burn disc images (ISO and BIN/CUE);
Ability to read and save audio and also data tracks to files (formats such as wma, wav, mp3 and .iso);
Type : Freeware » EULA
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Jun, 16. 2010 / 2562 kBytes
Asked : MS Windows
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Update history of Hanso Burner
v3.2.0 (October, 25. 2014)
Reduced memory usage. Improved GUI.
v3.1.0 (August, 31. 2014)
Reduced memory usage. Improved GUI.
v3.0.0 (June, 14. 2014)
Reduced memory usage. Improved GUI.
v2.9.0 (May, 12. 2014)
Reduced memory usage. Improved GUI.
v2.8.0 (March, 9. 2014)
Reduced memory usage. Improved GUI.
v2.7.0 (January, 1. 2014)
Reduced memory usage. Improved GUI.
v2.6.0 (October, 17. 2013)
Reduced memory usage. Improved GUI.
v2.5.0 (August, 29. 2013)
Reduced memory usage. Improved GUI.
v2.4.0 (May, 28. 2013)
Reduced memory usage. Improved GUI.
v2.3.0 (April, 3. 2013)
Interface improvements. Small bugs fixed.
Distribution permissions for Hanso Burner
You may include Hanso Burner on any CD compilation. You may not sell Hanso Burner because it is Freeware.
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