gMote 1.33

Free gMote screenshot fileWorks with Windows Vista
gMote is a free and customisable tool that provides fast access to frequently-used actions via mouse gestures.

Use gestures to access programs, websites and files, fill out forms, input text, control browsers, media players, manipulate windows and more. It can provide access to specific commands depending on the active application: your "R"-like gesture could bring up the "Replace" dialog in your word processor or hit "Reply" in Windows Mail.

gMote can do anything your keyboard can do.

When the download is finished, extract gMote.exe to any folder and run it from there. No further setup is needed. If you want to preserve your previous configuration, copy it to the same folder.

Legalese: no guarantees except these - no spyware, no ads, no information gathered - just freeware. And if you`re online it will automatically notify you of updates.

Requirements: tested on Windows XP and Vista, should work fine on anything from Win 98 up; feedback welcome!
Type : Freeware
OS Support : Win2000/XP,Win2003,Windows Vista
Date stamp / Size : Jan, 5. 2009 / 980 kBytes
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