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What is MonoReport?
MonoReport is a handy report generator that allows creating spreadsheet reports, using the easiest possible way. There is no need for special intermediate report format to create a template. You just need a) get the report form; b) change the real values in it to the template markup (placeholders). The report template is ready.
When to use MonoReport and when do not?
Using MonoReport greatly reduces the work needed to get an ideal report if you need spreadsheet report ...or other type of report that could be made from spreadsheet report using spreadsheet editor (e.g. csv, html, pdf). If you need to get other format of the report (e.g. image) perhaps using MonoReport is not the best solution.
What spreadsheet editors does MonoReport support?
Currently MonoReport supports Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007. We are working on OpenOffice support and are going to add this feature to all MonoReport editions soon. All our clients will get the update for free. Please, let us know if you need MonoReport to support other spreadsheet editors.
How MonoReport could be used in the real application?
1. Create spreadsheet in your favorite spreadsheet editor.
2. Put template markup in the appropriate cells of the spreadsheet. Now you have the template done.
3. In the code call MonoReport with the specific data and the template. That is all: you have the report.
What is MonoReport technically?
MonoReport is a report generator developed on .NET platform (C#). There are two versions of MonoReport: for .Net Framework 2.0 and 3.5 (Mono framework will be supported soon). MonoReport redistributable run-time is royalty-free libraries. So MonoReport could be used in any environments that can use .NET Framework libraries.
Could you add "specific feature" to MonoReport?
Definitely yes, if this feature would be acknowledged as a highly-valuable for the product. We try to save MonoReport simplicity and restrict it from unmotivated features.
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OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Nov, 15. 2008 / 2553 kBytes
Asked : .NET 2.0
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Update history of .Net Excel or OpenOffice report generator
v1.3 (April, 5. 2009)
Major Update
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