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Falco Software Company

Falco Image Studio 10.7

Falco Image Editor is a Graphics Tool to create, edit and export images. Create professional looking images with ease.

Graphics Programs > Drawing & Editing
Battle Cites 2.7

Behold a dazzling remake of the long forgotten Battle City, an a dynamic new format. Brick by brick you have to go through a huge number of enemy tanks, but if you are expecting the same old Battle City, then the enemies won`t seem so silly. No, they

Power Games > Arcade
Sad Man 4.2

In a faraway galaxy where the worlds are populated with small and round people lived Bobbi. He was kept away from civilization and lonely. He lived in a forest and ate local game and plants.

Power Games > Arcade
About Vampires 3.8

Shooter game in the TDS genre. Go on a witch hunt and plunder vaults filled with vampires and other evil spirits. Casual gameplay, with pleasant graphics and background music. A nice example of the genre.

Power Games > Arcade
Math Mania 1.0

The goal of this game is to get the tile with the number 2048. In each round there is a tile with the number "2" with 90% probability, or "4" with 10% probability. The player can remove all the tiles of the playing field in one of the 4 sides by pres

Power Games > Tetris & Puzzle
Falco Halotea Free 3.4

Mirolit Halotea is a unique application for sound atmosphere creation and relaxation. It was created for people who have a stressful and intense job, small children, want inner balance and want to sleep peacefully.

PC Utils > System Cleaning & Optimizing
Picode Chess 3.8

Picode Chess. Classic Chess with high-level artificial intelligence being used, the latest technology. Seven levels of complexity are available, from 1200 to 3000 ELO. This is a real test of your intelligence.

Power Games > Sport
AgolD II 2.9

Agold 2 is a game in the style of Arkanoid, but differs from the usual games in that the movement of the platform is circular. Snap up various objects that fall out of the blocks. The game consists of 32 levels, and a passage level. Use arrow keys..

Power Games > Arcade
Space Knight 1.1

Your home planet has been invaded. Fight back now, or your people will be enslaved! Choose from three game modes with three types of ships; Cosmotronic, Cosmostatics and The Dark Knight. A fascinating journey into space!

Power Games > Arcade
Hellish Heaven 1.8

Hellish Heaven..God`s life seems simple: Create something, sit back and watch as it develops slowly, occasionally sending angels to whip things back into shape. But what if your creation is out of control and decides that it is time to fundamentally

Power Games > Arcade
Torkven II 2.8

The main character (Torkvin) must save the world from evil. He will be the hardest journey. On the road waiting for a superhero many carnivorous plants, hazardous mechanical obstacles mutated frogs and traitors Killkriters. Torkvina face deadly..

Power Games > Arcade
Falco Icon Studio 11.9

Falco Icon Editor is a Graphics Tool to create, edit and export icons. Create professional looking icons with ease.

Graphics Programs > Icon Utils
Sombra 3.7

An interesting and atmospheric platformer, where you must make active use of the surrounding objects, using their physics. There was a little boy in big trouble ... His life hangs in the balance, he is in a coma.

Power Games > Arcade
Dead Place 1.7

Dead Place takes you into the dark and mysterious house full of horrible creatures. A player`s task is to find a way to escape. However, as place is enchanted, it is not so simple. The player will have to collect the cards, which are necessary to fi

Power Games > Action and Shooting
Jump All Stars 2.2

Jump All Stars is parody on popular game - DotA. Goal of the game - to climb the moving platforms as high as possible, at the same time collecting the maximum number of coins. A distinctive feature of this game is that the you play for character in t

Power Games > Tetris & Puzzle
Falco Auto Image 9.9

Falco Auto Image supports a comprehensive environment for professional designers and graphics producers to create unique images.

Graphics Programs > Illustration & Animation
Wizard Is Not Destiny 2.8

This game develops memorization skills by locating pairs of cards. Choose from 3 levels of difficulty (easy, normal, difficult). In each level, there are the same number of cards (12), but the locations of the pairs will change. For incorrectly..

Power Games > Arcade
Falco Free Animated GIF Library 5.6

Loading and Save. C++ and Delphi samples. Show Animated GIF. Delphi and VC++.

Programming > C Coding
Jeleyca 2.0

Born Zheleyka, she was not like the others. Then one day she set out on a journey, but on the road much danger awaits and she cannot cope. Because she asks for your help, you must do so.

Power Games > Arcade
Will 2.7

On a typical sunny day, a character named "Will" went for a walk. Walking through the heated sand in the open air, he falls down in a place like mine. Looking around the character realizes that he needs to get out of there.

Power Games > Arcade
Face Beauty Rank 5.1

Entertain your family and friends with a new gadget! Rank the beauty of a human face automatically based on a single facial photograph. Hours of entertainment are guaranteed when you score your own and your friends` faces against celebrities!

Education & Hobbies > Home & Hobby
Die Zombie 3.5

In the near future, following an environmental disaster on the planet, there is a new ice age. It`s the end of the world as we knew it. From the ruins of once powerful civilizations, a Corporation was founded to protect what is left of humanity.

Power Games > Arcade
Falco Announce Maker 6.1

Tired to make announces for your customers? Maker resolves it in "2 clicks".

Financial & Office > Fund Managers
Throw Blocks 1.4

In Throw Blocks, the player must throw blocks complete each level. You will find a huge amount of gameplay objects - guns, trampolines, magnetic blocks and even lasers! Be clever and cautious to advance through the levels which may be cleared in many

Power Games > Net Gaming
Drowning 3.1

Game Drowning is a variation of Tetris. For nine missions you have to keep the raft afloat by carefully fitting blocks of different masses. The gameplay will please both fans of dynamic arcade games and puzzle games. The graphics in this game are..

Power Games > Arcade
Falco Manager 6.7

Allows visual monitoring of computers connected to your network. Observe what your employees are doing in real time! Supports messaging of multimple users on the network. Application works through LAN, WLAN or VPN.

WAN & LAN > Net Monitoring
Falco Watcher 5.6

Digital video monitoring. Allows you to observe by WEB-Camera. You can save by motion detector then view it, convert to AVI file. Very useful when you are out of home and want to see for your childs.

Information Security > Other Privacy & Security
Falco Chess 9.4

This 3D chess game can be played as a stand-alone game, over the Internet.

Power Games > Sport
The Lost In Space 3.6

This story is not about intergalactic wars, or about saving the universe. It`s the story of a ship and its crew, lost in the vast expanses of space, trying to find a way home. But their path will be long and tough.

Power Games > Arcade
Sky Aces Verden Sky 4.5

Sky Aces - Verden Sky is an arcade aviation simulator dedicated to the events of WWI, and the airplanes participating in the conflict over the Western Front.

Power Games > Arcade