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Free WinSCP vista file

Freeware by Martin Prikryl
Downloads : 1172
File size : 4556Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
WinSCP is an open source free SFTP client and FTP client for Windows. Its main function is the secure file transfer between local and remote computer. Beyond this, WinSCP offers basic file manager functionality.
Free Tunnelier vista file

Freeware by Bitvise Limited
Downloads : 152
File size : 4336Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
Free SSH client for Windows with graphical SFTP; VT100, xterm; dynamic and manual TCP/IP tunneling; auto-reconnect; scriptable console-mode SFTP; single-click Remote Desktop forwarding; FTP-to-SFTP bridge; Kerberos; public keys. Free individual use.
Free FTP Glister vista file

Freeware by RDSoft inc.
Downloads : 63
File size : 760Kb
OS : Windows All

FTP Glister is intended for a file transfer under the protocols: FTP, Telnet, SSH.
Free MicroFTP 2000 vista file

Freeware by Gregory Braun
Downloads : 60
File size : 350Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

MicroFTP 2000 is a free, easy-to-use FTP Client program that will allow you to quickly transfer files to and from any FTP web site. MicroFTP 2000 can also be used for web site creation and routine maintenance.
Free FtpRight vista file

Freeware by FtpRight.net
Downloads : 51
File size : 5475Kb
OS : Windows All

Transfer files with ease using this intuitive and powerful FTP client with upload & download resume. Easy to use for professional and begginers. FtpRight is a perfect tool for Web developers or anyone that moves files on the Internet.
Free EngInSite DataFreeway vista file

Freeware by Luckasoft
Downloads : 50
File size : 1622Kb
OS : Windows All

Free Vista Files award
DataFreeway is a freeware SSH (SSH1,SSH2,SFTP), WebDAV, FTP, FTPS Client for Windows. EngInSite DataFreeway allows you to access remote servers from your Windows desktop.
Free PictureNook vista file

Shareware by Asygo
Downloads : 37
File size : 1581Kb
OS : WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003

Feature rich web gallery generator. Packed with professionally designed sets of layouts and color schemes it is a must-have tool for everybody who wants quickly and easily present pictures on the web.
Free CoffeeCup Free FTP vista file

Freeware by CoffeeCup Software
Downloads : 56
File size : 6600Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

CoffeeCup Free FTP is a fast, no-frills FTP program that makes it easy to drag and drop files to and from your Website. It supports multiple server profiles, resumes broken uploads and downloads, and can transfer files in binary, ASCII, or auto-mode.
Free FastTrack FTP vista file

Shareware by FastTrackSoft
Downloads : 34
File size : 2777Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

This FTP client is especially designed for the most demanding professionals and offers everything a professional would expect from such a program, and more. FastTrack FTP supports modern security standards including SSL,TLS, SSH, PGP.
Free FTPShell Client vista file

Shareware by FTPShell Software
Downloads : 9
File size : 2602Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Secure File transfer solutions to simplify your work. Automate repetitive tasks with FTPshell scripts. The personal edition is now available as freeware.
Free MOVEit Freely vista file

Freeware by Ipswitch, Inc.
Downloads : 41
File size : 2912Kb
OS : Windows All

Free command-line FTP client. All 3 FTP/SSL modes, X.509 client certificates, passive transfers, and alternate ports supported. Uses same syntax as built-in "ftp.exe" client for easy drop-in replacement. http://www.standardnetworks.co m/moveitfreel
Free Rad FTP vista file

Freeware by Rad Inks (Pvt) Ltd.
Downloads : 23
File size : 115Kb
OS : Windows All

A full featured graphical File Transfer Program for windows, linux and macintosh desktops. The FTP client is multithreaded allowing you to perform several tasks concurrently. It`s available as a free download and does not expire.
Free FTP Commander vista file

Freeware by InternetSoft Corporation
Downloads : 40
File size : 670Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

This ftp program offers a no-nonsense interface consisting of two side-by-side local computer and FTP server panels. And what`s more, the program is absolutely free and does not contain any annoying ad banners.
Free FTPSync vista file

Freeware by Kristof Gajsek - CyberKiko
Downloads : 25
File size : 3583Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Synchronize two FTP sites or local directories. FTPSync is useful for updating your home page or corporate web site, maintaining an off-site backup, maintaining web site mirrors, etc.
Free BlazeFtp vista file

Freeware by FlashPeak, Inc
Downloads : 34
File size : 699Kb
OS : Windows All

Free Vista Files award
BlazeFtp is a multiple-session and cache-enabled ftp client with offline search engine. It provides miscellaneous shortcuts to open ftp sites. You can carry out local file copy, uploading, downloading and site-to-site transfer in a uniform interface.
Free RightFTP vista file

Freeware by RightSoft, Inc.
Downloads : 36
File size : 751Kb
OS : Windows All

Free easy to use, yet feature-rich FTP tool with firewall support, multithreaded data transfer, FTP sessions logging, ability to queue FTP commands and many interface enhancements that make uploading files on the Internet as easy as never before.
Free VFTPX - Ultra High Speed FTP Client - Goooggle.com LLC vista file

Freeware by Goooggle.com LLC
Downloads : 33
File size : 347Kb
OS : Windows All

Designed to support high-volume upload/download processes, VFTPX can establish 1-50 simultaneous, multithreaded FTP connections.
Free DropUpLoad vista file

Freeware by Zapman
Downloads : 23
File size : 270Kb
OS : Windows All

Light, simple, strong and usefull Upload spooler for FTP management. No installation required. Goes over connection errors and finish the job even in pretty bad conditions.
Free Simple FTP Client vista file

Freeware by Simple-FTP-Client.com
Downloads : 78
File size : 1120Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Simple FTP Client is a free ftp client that provides an easy way to download and upload files to a web server.
Free Fresh FTP vista file

Freeware by FreshWebmaster.com
Downloads : 41
File size : 2377Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Fresh FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a useful tool for webmaster or website owner to upload or download web content (html, graphic, sql backup file, website statistic, etc) from the server. It supports ability to resume broken uploads.
Free ESFTP vista file

Freeware by Esftp.com
Downloads : 26
File size : 5543Kb
OS : Windows All

ESftp is a Windows-based file transfer client application that is used to transfer files between your local PC and a remote FTP server. With ESftp, you can connect to any FTP server, browse through directories and files, and resume transfer files.
Free CuteDownloader vista file

Freeware by CuteDownloader.com
Downloads : 24
File size : 5027Kb
OS : Windows All

It is a Windows-based file transfer client application that is used to transfer files between your local PC and a remote FTP server. With Cute, you can connect to any FTP server, browse through directories and files, and resume transfer files.
Free CommuniCrypt FTPAutoGet vista file

Freeware by CommuniCrypt Software
Downloads : 20
File size : 853Kb
OS : Windows All

This tool allows you to download a designated file from a FTP-server in time based intervals, e.g. a logfile from your FTP-server every 5 minutes or 10 minutes. The old file will be overwritten locally with the new one. Time interval 5 - 600 min.
Free FTP Synchronizer vista file

Shareware by Liuxz Software
Downloads : 26
File size : 4860Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

FTP Synchronizer is an FTP sync product that allows you to synchronize files between local computers and remote FTP servers.
Free AceFTP 3 Freeware vista file

Freeware by Visicom Media
Downloads : 48
File size : 3646Kb
OS : Windows All

The easiest Free software available for transferring files over the Internet. This robust software has high upload and download speeds, and enables you to perform multiple file transfers simultaneously.
Free FtpPublish vista file

Freeware by Psylon
Downloads : 22
File size : 670Kb
OS : Win95/98/Mil,WinNT,Win2003

I update your web site from a local copy on your disk. It is the publication - Your have builded a magnific Web site with your favorite HTML editor - You found a host service on which you have to use FTP transfer protocol to push yours...
Free FTP Master vista file

Freeware by FTP Master
Downloads : 30
File size : 2258Kb
OS : Windows All

FTP Master is a utility for transferring files between your computer and a remote File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server anywhere on the Internet.
Free Staff-FTP vista file

Freeware by GSA
Downloads : 44
File size : 2863Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
Staff-FTP is a unique ftp client that is easy to use. Unlike others it comes with full tls/ssl support (also with FXP). It also includes a glftpd-manager with all the site commands (drftpd and other command sets as well).
Free FTP Voyager vista file

Shareware by RhinoSoft.com
Downloads : 36
File size : 14079Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
FTP Voyager: secure FTP client with scheduler and sync. FTP, SFTP (SSH), FTPS and IPv6 support. "Scriptless" automation, drag-n-drop file movement, multiple transfer threads, folder synchronization, large file resume (checkpoint restart) and more!
Free ZalmanFtpClient 2010 vista file

Shareware by zalman software
Downloads : 7
File size : 5709Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Ideal solution for small and medium websites, Zalman Ftp Client 2010 includes change list management, seamless remote and local backup and a powerful diff tool!