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PenProtect is the most comprehensive and secure solution to protect the files within your USB Flash Drive, Flash Memory or Pen Drive.Files are encrypted and protected using your Password and a special technique (AES algorithm 256 bit key).
PenProtect requires no installation: it is a single file located in the home folder of your Flash Drive. Ability to encrypt or decrypt only required files. No size limit of encrypted files. Two protection levels (Partial and Total).
Unique and individual protection for every USB Flash Drive, Flash Memory or Pen Drive with your Password. Your own USB Flash Drive or Pen Drive is individually unique. The same encrypted files cannot be decrypted by a user utilizing PenProtect with your same password!The integrity of your data (Flash Drive or Pen Drive) is continually being monitored by PenProtect.Using PenProtect you can secure your data saved in your Flash Drive, Pen Drive, Flash Memory or any memory made with USB Flash Drive.The Flash Drive, Flash Memory or Pen Drive is a USB Flash Memory Drive and can support up to 128GB disk space. A 8GB is 5600 times more than a 1.44MB floppy disk! A Flash Drive USB disk is a plug and play device. Simply plug it into any USB port and the computer will automatically detect it as a removable drive. Now you can read, write, copy, delete and move data from your hard disk drive to the USB Flash Drive or vice versa.
Thanks to its small size, absence of mobile mechanisms (unlike a common hard disk) and affordable price, the USB Flash Drive or Pen Drive is becoming increasingly popular among consumers. Unfortunately, users can often forget their USB Flash Drive or Pen Drive in a computer, allowing other users to access their personal data. PenProtect is meant to secure your data in cases such as these. Finally a fast, secure and easy program using attractive graphics!
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OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Apr, 28. 2008 / 1855 kBytes
Asked : Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista
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Update history of PenProtect
v1.45 (November, 21. 2008)
Minor Update
v1.35 (November, 8. 2008)
Minor Update
v1.20 (August, 16. 2008)
Minor Update
v1.03 (May, 17. 2008)
Minor Update
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