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Does your work join with computer immediately? Your eyes are in a strained state for a long time. Scientific research has found no evidence that computer screens can cause disease or permanent damage to eyes. However, long spells of work at the computer screen can lead to tired eyes and discomfort. Also, by giving your eyes more demanding tasks, it might make you aware of an eyesight problem you had not noticed before. It`s makes poor your eyesight because of computer influence. In order to prevent these problems you must taking regular, short breaks in computer work to relax the eyes.

Often people who work at computers have no rest-time. It`s easy to forget about rest-time during work. Eyes Dropper reminds you about rest-time and save your eyesight. This software allows you to customize the duration of your work time and length of breaks. During the break you may take a stroll outside your office.

During a break, just as you need to exercise the rest of your body, you need to exercise your eyes. The eye muscles need exercise. Eye exercises help keep the muscles strong and active. Also helps relieve the strain of looking at a computer screen for extended periods. During a break Eyes Dropper can show you examples of physical exercises. With the help Eyes Dropper Movies your eye exercises will ease eye discomfort caused by computer use, eye strain and eye fatigue.
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OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Aug, 31. 2008 / 2863 kBytes
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v3.0 (August, 30. 2008)
Time profiles, User can choose the view of lock screen, Alarm Clock, Eyes Exercises.
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