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Print Helper automates the printing and conversion process of any type of files. All documents that require printing or conversion can be selected and processed at once. Print Helper is the ideal solution for batch printing and conversion of Excel, PDF, Word image and other files. Unique features: automatic Excel and Image resizing; FTP client. No additional software required to print most of file types.

Unique features: Automatic step by step resizing system which enables the document fitted to a page; choice of page order you would like printed; Print Helper provides you with automatic resizing as well as rotation of images; detailed report printed, with your choice, after each file, folder and a final report at the end; an option of using a different printer feeder with possible different color paper serving you as a fast and easy file/folder locator; LSR (laser data file produced by analytical equipment), MS Publisher and batch ZIP support.

The Built-in FTP client allows PrintHelper users automatically print files located on a remote FTP server. PrintHelper logs into a remote FTP server with a username and password. Additional parameters such as path and file types to be printed can be specified. FTP client can download from a remote FTP server and print files one time or it can be scheduled to repeat this procedure.

Batch Converter converts any type of file to image formats including TIFF. Multiple files (text, office, or images) can be converted to separate TIFF files or to a single TIFF file.

Print Helper includes the following modules:

- Print Helper Batch Print (batch printing of PDF, images: tiff, jpg, gif, bmp, png, psd, ico and more; DOC - Microsoft Word, XLS - Excel format, PPT - Microsoft Power Point files, TXT and RTF - Rich Text Format

- Print Helper Converter (batch converter of any type of file to image formats)

- Print Helper Full (includes batch printing and conversion).
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OS Support : Windows All
Date stamp / Size : May, 22. 2007 / 3394 kBytes
Asked : Windows 98, ME, NT, XP, 2000; Adobe Acrobat, MS Excel, MS Word, Power Point
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vV3.0 (July, 17. 2007)
Batch convert to images, multipage TIFF
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