WebCache 6.95

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WebCache is used with Netscape Navigator ver. 2.0x/3.0x/4.0x/4.7x
as an utility for cache browsing. It does following things:
When activated it will make CACHE.HTM Web page. This page lists all
http, gopher and ftp addresses of files which exist in local cache.
Find pages in cache which contain some given text string and makes index.
It save pages with pictures and other contents to local directory.
Hundreds of pages may be saved with single command. Pages are
localized in a way that they point to each other on local disk.
It processes bookmarks to be able to filter it by server type
(http, gopher, ftp), and to make it printable with visible addresses.
Type : Freeware » EULA
OS Support : Windows All
Date stamp / Size : Feb, 1. 2007 / 434 kBytes
Asked : minimum for given operating system
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Update history of WebCache
v6.95 (May, 24. 2007)
new setup, converted to personal freeware
Distribution permissions for WebCache
You may re-distribute complete unmodified package to BBS, Internet, CD-ROM, providing:
1) no money is charged for this program
2) you must e-mail the author what version you are going to publish and in what product (so the author is able to send new version).
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