Dapyx Messenger Archive Reader 1.0

Free Dapyx Messenger Archive Reader screenshot fileWorks with Windows Vista
Dapyx Messenger Archive eader allows you to read the Yahoo Messenger archive log files and easily convert them to standard formats, like HTML and plain text, while being able to choose whether to preserve or not the formatting of the text and the smileys.

It can read any Yahoo .dat log files, even without being online, being logged in the yahoo account, or even without knowing the password. It is also possible to secretly turn on the message archiving for every yahoo account on the computer.

The program can be useful to help you find messages much faster, by featuring a powerful search function, enabling you to search your entire message archive or just through some conversations.

With just a few clicks, you can save your entire Yahoo Messenger log archive to HTML or plain text, in one big file or each conversation in its own file.

It has a "favorites" feature, making retrieval of your most important messages much faster, especially if you happen to have an archive of thousands of conversations.

And, best of all, Dapyx Messenger Archive Reader is freeware, so it can be used completely free of charge.
Type : Freeware
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Dec, 26. 2011 / 716 kBytes
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