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Computer security is one of the major concerns these days. Many of us have realized already that leaving our computers unprotected may result in data theft which in turn may affect privacy and business operation. According to multiple studies, the majority of information theft crimes are conducted without having network access to target machine.

Most of us prefer not to turn computer off while we are away for coffee or going to the lavatory or have to attend a meeting in a conference room next door. That is the point where an average computer system is most vulnerable to felon`s attack. The guy just has to have a glance at your monitor and he has it all!

Introducing Active Screen Lock, the unique security application by DMVSoft, allowing you to do whatever you want to do when you are away from the computer without having to worry a second.

Active Screen Lock operates as follows: first it disables Windows system key combinations, such as Alt+F4, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Alt+Tab and WinKey and then shows security screen over your desktop that would not let anyone except you in without the proper password. Once the system keys are disabled, it is not possible to switch to another application, run a program or try to kill Active Screen Lock window using Task Manager.

The application is completely "bulletproof" as even if the Reset key is pressed on the computer chassis, the application will still be blocking access after computer reboots. All access attempts are logged in background, so that you can see whether there has been an intrusion attempt while you were away. The log file itself is encrypted ensuring the maximum possible security level for your computer.

Besides being secure, Active Screen Lock is highly customizable allowing you to display clock and even custom image slideshow on the lock screen. Multilingual user interface and flexible licensing policy definitely make it an all-time winner! So go ahead, and try it today for FREE!
Type : Shareware ($25.00)
OS Support : Windows All
Date stamp / Size : Nov, 29. 2006 / 1335 kBytes
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v2.82 (May, 22. 2007)
minor fixes
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