CoffeeCup Website Access Manager 5.0

Free CoffeeCup Website Access Manager screenshot fileWorks with Windows Vista
CoffeeCup Website Access Manager gives you the tools you need choose who gets to access your Website. Protect individual files and folders or your whole site, and block bad robots and spammers altogether.

With Website Access Manager, you can have an unlimited number of users, and user profiles can contain as much or as little information as you need. There are the basics — a username and password — plus detailed information, like a phone number, Website, e-mail address, time zone, preferred language, and pretty much anything else you might need to know. This information is stored securely on your computer and make it easy to keep track of your user base.

If you`re already working with CoffeeCup Password Wizard or a .csv file, Website Access Manager can import your existing user profiles. And once you`ve set up your user base, you can keep in touch with them using the Send E-mail tool, which lets you send e-mail to your users right from inside the program. Use one of the predefined e-mail templates that make it easy to send out e-mails with lost logins, expired account warnings, and new passwords, or create one of your own.

Another great feature is the ability to redirect 404 errors and other bad requests to a custom error page you`ve designed in a program like Visual Site Designer or the HTML Editor. This gives you complete control over all aspects of your Website.

You never know when you might need a backup of your work — especially something as important as your user profiles and password protection settings. With the built-in backup tool, you`ll be able to keep your work safe with a click of your mouse.

The Website Access Manager workspace is intuitive and easy to understand, which means you can enable password protection quickly and easily. But behind the scenes, this powerful .htaccess generator is working hard to protect your Website.
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OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Mar, 5. 2009 / 18802 kBytes
Asked : IE 8 or higher, Adobe Flash 11+
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Update history of CoffeeCup Website Access Manager
v5.0 (July, 26. 2014)
New CSV Importer,Import directly from MailChimp,Import from connected Server,Import from a URL
5 New Custom Error Pages Themes,Import users on right-click in ftp tree for csv.txt files,Shared LockBox file integration.Scheduler now includes backup options,Ability to include custom .htaccess code
v4.0 (November, 10. 2010)
-support for sFTP and FTPs
-SSL support for email settings
v3.1 (February, 8. 2010)
-support for sFTP and FTPs
-SSL support for email settings
v3.0 (October, 13. 2009)
-New Interface design
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You may freely distribute this application on CD or the Internet.
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