IDVAS Desktop 3.02

Free IDVAS Desktop screenshot fileWorks with Windows Vista
IDVAS help you secure information exchange, , providing inexpensive and useful information protection scheme for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals. Based on this, users can not only protect sensitive information, but also authorize document readers, track and manage documents, and obtain a clear report.
Type : Shareware ($70.00) » EULA
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Oct, 11. 2010 / 28320 kBytes
Asked : Windows XP+, Office 2007+
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Update history of IDVAS Desktop
v3.02 (September, 20. 2010)
Support of Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint (2007 edition), and content management by signing in IDVAS System based on Microsoft Office System;
Support of naming documents and editing relevant instruction with multi-language.
Improvement of picture operation function.
v3.01 (April, 9. 2010)
Enhance user data security during information sharing process
Strengthen overall software security framework
Accelerate document protection speed
Enhance anti-fraud mechanism
Integrate Wiki and other user support functions
Integrate user reporting system
Support 50+ file formats
Distribution permissions for IDVAS Desktop
For purpose of this distribution permission:
(a) "IDVAS Desktop" means complete software package from Changyin Network including installer, application itself, any related documentation, multimedia content (such as animation, sound and graphics), all related updates, and all included files supplied by Changyin Network.

IDVAS Desktop is not free. It is distributed as shareware and it is copyrighted © Changyin Network.

IDVAS Desktop can be freely distributed and included in any free or commercial package without Changyin Network`s written permission as long as it is not modified in any way and there is no charge for it.

IDVAS Desktop may not be distributed for profit in any form, including, but not limited to, electronic information service distribution, bulletin board distribution, user groups, online services, redistribution companies, and magnetic or optical medium distribution, unless explicitly stated in writing and signed by the Changyin Network.

Non-profit distribution of IDVAS Desktop is permissible without prior written notice, providing that IDVAS Desktop is not modified in any way, and the complete works of IDVAS Desktop are included in the distribution package.
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