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Get your career back on track by managing your job search and finding exciting employment opportunities. JobFish 2010 is a Windows XP/Vista/7 application that takes the frustration out of finding jobs. JobFish 2010 helps you navigate the job boards, identify full time and part time jobs that are a match for your career goals, and manage your communications with potential employers. The software even handles your unemployment insurance benefits paperwork. Boards include,,,,, and more.

Features include: job descriptions at your finger tips; track interviews, communications, events and tasks; interview preparation, resume examples and resume center, reports, unemployment insurance reporting, metrics, and more.

The JobFish Board Import Console that ships with JobFish 2010 provides a better interface to the job boards than using the job boards directly. Hide jobs that do not interest you. For those that have dual monitors, the console allows you to see the job listing on one monitor and the main processed job search results on the other.

JobFish comes with a full featured SQL database and JobFish Database Console. You can modify table items directly, export data to other platforms, and more. Backup your database too!

When bundled with OfficeDove, JobFish provides audible notification and/or message box reminders.

JobFish even helps you with your unemployment insurance weekly claims by providing you with a report of your job search progress. There are other reports too.

JobFish comes with a full featured contact management system and the ability to import your contacts from Microsoft Outlook.

Work with one or multiple resumes to create a presentation package. Our interview preparation questions, tips, and answers will help you mail interviews.

Track your job search metrics.

Learn more about using JobFish 2010 for your next job search. Visit today!
Type : Shareware ($54.99) » EULA
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Nov, 30. 2006 / 68569 kBytes
Asked : Windows 7, Vista, or XP and an internet connection
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Update history of JobFish
v2010.2083 (June, 25. 2010)
2010: Major new version, Build 2083: Update JobFish ribbon bar
v2010.2031 (May, 27. 2010)
2010: Major new version, Build 2031: Improved job board parsing and other fixes
v2010.2014 (April, 29. 2010)
2010: Major new version, Build 2014: Changes to reports and other updates
v2010.1940 (April, 5. 2010)
2010: Major new version, Build 1940: New daily interaction list and other additions.
v2010.1922 (March, 28. 2010)
2010: Major new version, Build 1922: New reports and other minor improvements
v2010 (January, 27. 2010)
Major new version
v2008 (March, 28. 2008)
New buttons, reports, Access compatibility, bug fixes.
v2004 (May, 23. 2007)
New buttons, reports, Access compatibility, bug fixes.
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