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Free ZeroAds vista file

Shareware by FBM Software
Downloads : 19
File size : 4598Kb
OS : Windows All

ZeroAds is the most advanced ad blocker in the market. It stops all Internet ads, pop-ups, and bad cookies from ever reaching your computer. Unlike other ad blockers, ZeroAds 2004 also blocks ads from spyware and lets you surf the Net faster.
Free Xavier PopUp Killer vista file

Freeware by Xavier Media
Downloads : 56
File size : 1000Kb
OS : Windows All

Xavier`s Popup Killer will kill all annoying pop-up windows before they appear on the screen. The popup stopper has full support for both pop-ups and pop-under ads, and each time a pop up is closed you will hear a cute sound effect.
Free Webroot Pop-Up Washer vista file

Freeware by Webroot Software, Inc
Downloads : 35
File size : 2214Kb
OS : Windows All

Pop-Up Washer blocks new forms of aggressive pop-ups including delayed, mouse-over and mass-attack pop ups. Smart pop-up management provides total control of the pop-up windows you do and don`t want to see to enhance your Internet experience.
Free Web Monitor vista file

Freeware by iXAG Software
Downloads : 14
File size : 136Kb
OS : WinXP,Windows2000

Web Monitor controls all outgoing HTTP requests from your computer and blocks unwanted Internet resources and redirects. Web Monitor protects your privacy and saves your Internet bandwidth.
Free Video Ads Blocker vista file

Freeware by Pop up Blocker by Synergeticsoft
Downloads : 143
File size : 410Kb
OS : Windows All

Video Ads Blocker increases browsing speeds by up to 300 percent. It reduces the amount of incoming traffic and a web page loading time by blocking the most annoying Internet ads.
Free The ASP Toolkit vista file

Shareware by Ovitz Taylor Gates
Downloads : 14
File size : 7841Kb
OS : Windows All

The ASP Toolkit is the specification that enables Application Service Providers - an organization that hosts software applications on its own servers within its own facilities. Customers access the application via private lines or the Internet.
Free The Ad-Police vista file

Freeware by [Da]-Software`s
Downloads : 40
File size : 452Kb
OS : Windows All

One time use utility to block 14000+ known (no duplicates) Advertisement servers, Uses windows HOSTS file method. Use to give boost to your internet speed, will effect every windows application that uses HOSTS file which means that Adware and Spyware
Free SurfSecret PopupElimiantor vista file

Shareware by SurfSecret Software
Downloads : 16
File size : 800Kb
OS : Windows All

PopupEliminator™ blocks annoying popups and popunders that slow down and destroy your surfing experience. PopupEliminator™ installs in seconds and blocks all popups with an easy to use and customizable interface.
Free Sureshot PopUp Killer vista file

Shareware by Sureshot
Downloads : 36
File size : 1000Kb
OS : Windows All

Kill browser, Messenger Service, GAIN and SaveNow pop-ups automatically. The popup stopper has full support for both pop-ups and pop-under ads and will kill them even before they appear on the screen.
Free Super Ad Blocker vista file

Shareware by SuperAdBlocker.com
Downloads : 21
File size : 6174Kb
OS : Windows All

Super Ad Blocker blocks all forms of advertising including Flash, Rich Media, fly-in, slide-in, pop-ups, pop-unders, spyware ads, messenger ads, and more! Blocks and removes spyware/adware applications. Automatic updates keep the product up to date!
Free STOPzilla vista file

Demo by STOPzilla
Downloads : 41
File size : 60Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

STOPzilla`s award-winning technology detects, blocks, and removes Spyware, Adware, Trojans and other malicious infections in true real-time. Additional features include Pop-up Blocker, Phishing protection, Hi-jack killer & much more.
Free StopPop vista file

Shareware by Tometa Software, Inc.
Downloads : 17
File size : 888Kb
OS : Windows All

StopPop.net automatically blocks IE popup windows while you surf. A small, effective, and intelligent anti-popup software product than can kill annoying popup windows without your intervention by using AI and intelligent agent technologies.
Free Stop-the-Pop-Up Lite vista file

Freeware by Sureshot
Downloads : 55
File size : 1000Kb
OS : Windows All

Kill browser, Messenger Service, GAIN and SaveNow pop-ups automatically. The popup stopper has full support for both pop-ups and pop-under ads and will kill them even before they appear on the screen.
Free Stop-the-Pop-Up vista file

Shareware by Sureshot
Downloads : 29
File size : 1000Kb
OS : Windows All

Kill browser, Messenger Service, GAIN and SaveNow pop-ups automatically. The popup stopper has full support for both pop-ups and pop-under ads and will kill them even before they appear on the screen.
Free Stop The Popup vista file

Freeware by StopThePopup.com
Downloads : 45
File size : 4165Kb
OS : Windows All

Block pesky popups, ads, pop under & spying cookies in Netscape, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla, AOL, Opera. Can also be started manually or at windows startup or with your browser window startup. Instant Notification - Play one of many sounds.
Free Stop My Popups vista file

Shareware by WCCL
Downloads : 25
File size : 2028Kb
OS : Windows All

Stop My Popups is an exciting software program that makes your Web surfing enjoyable again! It automatically kills all popups, before they get a chance to appear.
Free SterJo Google Ad Blocker vista file

Freeware by SterJo Software
Downloads : 49
File size : 701Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

SterJo Google Ad Blocker could disable any advertisement while browsing websites with a single click.
Free Spywarelive vista file

Shareware by Spywarelive
Downloads : 19
File size : 2734Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

security, malware anti
Free Spyware & Adware Removal vista file

Shareware by Pop up Blocker by Synergeticsoft
Downloads : 26
File size : 531Kb
OS : Windows All

This program has an amazing pop up blocker that blocks 98% of all pop up ads! It is virtually impossible to remove all spyware from your computer, for new spyware comes out on a daily basis.
Free Sponsored Search Ad Remover vista file

Freeware by DXC LLC
Downloads : 31
File size : 175Kb
OS : Windows2000,WinXP

Search engine users are being flooded with sponsored search ads. This tool gives you the choice to view the search results without the sponsored search ads and thus reduces the visual clutter, so that you can find relevant information more quickly.
Free Sponsored Ad Blocker vista file

Freeware by SuperAdBlocker.com
Downloads : 78
File size : 3193Kb
OS : Windows All

Sponsored Ad Blocker™ protects the relevance of web searches by blocking often misleading and annoying sponsored search ads on Google, MSN, AOL, Yahoo and over 20 other search engines and web-sites. This software contains no spyware or adware.
Free Speereo Flash Killer vista file

Shareware by Speereo Software UK
Downloads : 21
File size : 4421Kb
OS : Windows All

Speereo Flash Killer is intended to block flash advertisement pop-ups and pop-up windows. It is an easy-to-use and highly effective ad stopper. The program works with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Trial period: 5 days. Buy it for only $9.95.
Free SoftSearch Toolbar vista file

Freeware by SoftSearch
Downloads : 20
File size : 150Kb
OS : Windows All

MS IE quick search toolbar for software search on five download sites: 3d2f.com, Download.com, Tucows, SoftSearch.ru & WebAttack. Pop-up blocking supported. Your search query can be limited to a software category, supported OS, author
Free SmoothSurfin vista file

Shareware by Harmony Hollow Software
Downloads : 15
File size : 108Kb
OS : Windows All

Powerful, no-nonsense pop-up protection utility for Internet Explorer that is guaranteed to provide annoyance-free web browsing at all times while it is on duty, effectively terminating all unwanted pop-up browser windows automatically.
Free Sir AdGuard vista file

Shareware by Hide-My-IP.com
Downloads : 22
File size : 407Kb
OS : Windows All

Sir AdGuard is the latest in ad blocking technology. Immunize your system from tens of thousands of adsites, tracking cookies, spyware, Active-X controls, Browser Helper Objects, and more! Effectively blocks nearly 90% of all web advertisements.
Free SenseGuard vista file

Shareware by ksoft
Downloads : 22
File size : 561Kb
OS : Windows All

Free Vista Files award
SenseGuard protects you from accidental clicks on your own Adsense publisher ads. It works by temporarily hiding all Adsense ads in your web browser.
Free Privacy Solution vista file

Shareware by Privacy Solution
Downloads : 19
File size : 2299Kb
OS : Windows All

Privacy solution includes file and folder lock, history eraser and popup killer and ip spam stopper.
Free PopupWar PRO vista file

Shareware by xpsoft.com
Downloads : 17
File size : 1982Kb
OS : Windows All

If you didn`t click it you don`t want it. Call it smart, call it what you want. We just call it effective. No more popup windows ever. The best companion to file sharing programs like kazaa, grokster, morpheus, etc
Free PopupVanish vista file

Freeware by Kalavath Infotech
Downloads : 27
File size : 265Kb
OS : Windows All

PopupVanish is a free popup killer for Internet Explorer that stops all annoying popups without interfering with your browsing
Free Popups Nuker vista file

Freeware by PopupsNuker.com
Downloads : 48
File size : 3319Kb
OS : Windows All

Popups Nuker - Pop up Killer & Stopper & Ads Filter intelligently blocks annoying aspects of browsing the net (ads, Pop ups advertising, slow surfing speeds, spying cookies). Works with all Web Browsers (AOL, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera)