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netChimes is a must for anyone who runs a website! A hybrid of a webcounter and an instant messenger, netChimes receives messages from your server, not your friends. An alert message is sent whenever a user accesses a netChimes-enabled page (using PHP), and plays a notification sound on your desktop.

netChimes allows you to create a separate alert for every page, and can even be set up to notify you of image or file downloads. Shareware authors can receive alerts when their software is being downloaded. Email marketers can plant images in their email campaigns that will trigger an alert. Webmasters can create custom error pages to send alerts. The possibilities are endless!

netChimes allows for unlimited connections, unlimited alert configurations, and the server scripts can support multiple client connections, so you can share your website`s activity with a friend, or allow an entire IT department to monitor your website.

netChimes has an attractive skinned interface and can either stay out of your way, minimized to the system tray, or can stay immediately accessible on top of all other windows. It can connect automatically when run, and run automatically on startup. It is easy to install and uninstall, and uses minimal system resources. And the server scripts are protected by password to keep your information secure.

The server-side scripts are a breeze to install with a handy no-fuss toolbox available in the interface itself. After creating a username/password table, your server can be completely configured with one drag-n-drop motion and a few clicks in your FTP client. Enabling your HTML pages with netChimes just requires adding a few lines of code.

Above all, netChimes is fun to use. Give it a try, and start listening to what your website is doing!
Type : Freeware » EULA
OS Support : Windows All
Date stamp / Size : Dec, 5. 2006 / 1857 kBytes
Asked : PHP enabled server, Win95+ desktop
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