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Free Biorhythms Calculator 2015 Amateur vista file

Freeware by BinaryMark
Downloads : 68
File size : 10358Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Discover your good and bad days by charting, comparing, and analyzing your biorhythms (Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Intuitive, Mastery, Passion, Wisdom, and others) in a professional new software in Graph, Table, Report, and 6 other views.
Free StarStrider vista file

Shareware by FMJ-Software
Downloads : 37
File size : 15202Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

StarStrider is a software planetarium that utilizes 3D-technology in order to show you not only the planets and satellites of our solar system, but also galaxies, nebulas, and hundreds of thousand of stars - in real-time 3D.
Free Visual Tarot Professional Program vista file

Shareware by Aleksey Lapshin (Lapshins, Inc.)
Downloads : 44
File size : 19153Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

With Visual Tarot you can: 1. Learn Tarot, Spreads, Decks, Meanings of the cards; 2. Keep your existing readings (made with original Tarot Cards) in the "Diary"(place like the database); 3. Read the Tarot Cards on your computer
Free VeBest Numerology vista file

Shareware by VeBest Corp.
Downloads : 32
File size : 26642Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

VeBest Numerology software for numerology chart calculation, prediction and compatibility. Includes Love Compatibility, Celebrities report, Pet Numerology and Answers Oracle.
Free Desktop Lunar Calendar vista file

Shareware by MoonPhaseSoftware
Downloads : 55
File size : 1160Kb
OS : Win2000,Win98,WinXP

Free Vista Files award
Desktop Lunar Calendar is simple, fun and easy to use calendar. It is accurate anywhere in the world. It has two parts: image of the current moon`s phase and compact, harmonic moon calendar. Full, New, First Quarter, and Last Quarter - are marked.
Free Digital Physiognomy vista file

Shareware by UNIPHIZ Lab
Downloads : 45
File size : 3956Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
Face reading rules in practice. An entertaining psychological profiling software application that determines person`s character and traits based on facial features.
Free Personal Numerologist vista file

Shareware by Widening Horizons
Downloads : 40
File size : 3344Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
Personal Numerologist is a serious tool for creating numerology personality, compatibility & forecast reports & detailed charts. Learn more about yourself, your romantic relationships & the influences that will affect you during any one year period.
Free Lucky Days vista file

Shareware by Customised Systems
Downloads : 36
File size : 2542Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Lucky Days Astrology software for gambling. Helps you find your best days to gamble or speculate. Can be used for casino gambling, horseracing, sports betting and stock markets.
Free Sun & Moon Calculator vista file

Shareware by Douglas Software
Downloads : 24
File size : 3282Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

This shows the position of the sun and moon for any place on earth between 1900 and 2049. It can show the sun or moon for any day or the horizon which can be rotated 360 degrees and animated.
Free I-Doser V5 vista file

Freeware by I-Doser.com
Downloads : 84
File size : 2153Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

When I-Doser v4 was released in 2007 it revolutionized the way people experienced alternate realities. Now, after 5 years of development, we have released V5 for windows-based computers.
Free Advanced Biorhythms vista file

Shareware by Elprime Software, Inc.
Downloads : 26
File size : 757Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Program that forecasts your physical, emotional, intellectual, and intuitional biorhythms. It has unique user-friendly interface, handy calendar of cylcles, and comprehensive prognosis.
Free Edinamarry Free Tarot Software Version 3 vista file

Freeware by HFairiesGrove
Downloads : 43
File size : 13982Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

A new 2010 freeware Tarot and Divinity Software for PC and Windows 7. Edinamarry brings to you an open Tarot Scribe Kit. You can find answers to your questions with Tarot through Divinity, and Edinamarry is just built for this purpose.
Free PC-BIO32 Lite vista file

Shareware by RS-Soft München
Downloads : 31
File size : 6400Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

PC-Biorhythm32 for Windows9x/2K/Me/NT/XP/Vista/Wi n7 multilingual with daily analysis, critical days, partner comparison, asterisk, jewel therapy, Numerology
Free YES or NOT vista file

Freeware by STEEROL productions
Downloads : 30
File size : 949Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

The project YES or NOT - is your big step to the world of acceptance of correct and successful decisions, answers to any questions which you only can imagine to yourselves! Program work is based on principles of modern psychology and researches.
Free Love Number vista file

Freeware by Three6Nine Studio
Downloads : 36
File size : 1434Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

A simple application for couples - it finds each partner`s love number based on their names and gives explanation for each combination of numbers.
Free Chinese Purple Star Astrology vista file

Shareware by Astrology5000
Downloads : 42
File size : 1371Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Chinese Purple Star Astrology describes your past, present and future in twelve life categories, such as Destiny, Wealth, Love, Career, Health, Children, Parents, etc.

Shareware by Mario Krsnic
Downloads : 31
File size : 2700Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Tarot Software with readings and tarot games: support for relationship issues, business and important decisions.
Free MB Biorhythm Compatibility vista file

Freeware by MysticBoard.com
Downloads : 39
File size : 1682Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

MB Biorhythm Compatibility is helps find the biorhythm compatibility between two people. Each person’s biorhythm consists of the physical, emotional and intellectual cycles.
Free VIBio vista file

Demo by Valeri Vlassov
Downloads : 29
File size : 4679Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Biorythms with diagramms and comments. - classical biorythms: physical, emotional, intellectual; - modern biorythms: intuitial, aesthetic, spiritual; - comments for today; - possibility to show and compare a lot of biorythms together;
Free MB Learn Astrology vista file

Freeware by MysticBoard.com
Downloads : 36
File size : 1278Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

MB Learn Astrology is a learn-and-test yourself astrology software. This software is a simple and useful aid in the study of the signs, houses and planets. This can helps beginners learn and test their understanding of the subject.
Free Ace Biorhythms Demo vista file

Demo by Akcesoft
Downloads : 29
File size : 643Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Ace Biorhythms is application for making personal forecasts. It shows your emotional, physical and intellectual condition.The application calculates biorhythms and plots emotional, intellectual, physical curves.
Free MB Astrology Numerology vista file

Freeware by MysticBoard.com
Downloads : 38
File size : 694Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

MB Astrology Numerology is the perfect mix of science and numbers. Each number’s vibration is combined with your date of birth to find the Fadic Number. The Fadic number along with the Combined Fadic Number, The Ruling Planet and the Zodiac Sign.
Free MB IChing Astrology vista file

Freeware by MysticBoard.com
Downloads : 33
File size : 702Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

MB I Ching Astrology calculates your Energy Cycle Charts based on I Ching Astrology. This system believes that all happening are affected by stars and elements.
Free Physiognomy Studio vista file

Freeware by faceinsights.com
Downloads : 53
File size : 5232Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Physiognomy Studio is a comprehensive software program that can analyze your face features and give you a face reading session by your digital photo picture.
Free Powerful Affirmations vista file

Freeware by Philipp Winterberg
Downloads : 34
File size : 1807Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

I love my body. I am my own best friend... Do you want to work with affirmations successfully? Powerful Affirmations offers you this opportunity: Watch the affirmation you choose while you work at your PC. Choose font, color, size etc.
Free DLM 666 vista file

Shareware by DELEMME Diffusion
Downloads : 32
File size : 6500Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Numerology allows you to understand somebody`s personality. And to make forecasts. Try it, it`s amazing.
Free Sandy Cristel`s Lenormand Oracle vista file

Shareware by lenormand-oracle.com
Downloads : 42
File size : 14810Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Discover what the future has in store with Sandy Cristel`s Interactive Lenormand Oracle. Lenormand cards are easier to read than the Tarot. With a comprehensive tutorial, interactive learning aids and layouts, this program makes fortune telling easy!
Free Free Biorhythm vista file

Freeware by Scubish Inc - Horoscope and Biorhythm
Downloads : 45
File size : 2229Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free and powerful biorhythm application that allows to caclulate your biorhythm. not only your 3 primary cycles, but also your secondary cycles are supported. you can display either today`s engeries levels or a 4 week view of your cycles.
Free Free Horoscope vista file

Freeware by Biotrend - Horoscope and Biorhythm
Downloads : 50
File size : 368Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Horoscope is a western and chinese astrology program to calculate your zodiac signs. it is really usefule to learn more about the stars influence on your life and how your brthdate affects your personality and traits.
Free Spiritual Healer Software vista file

Demo by The Healer
Downloads : 45
File size : 2932Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Healing with the Angels is a unique unusual software that work with angels to improve your health.