Scout Process Activity Monitor 1.0

Free Scout Process Activity Monitor screenshot fileWorks with Windows Vista
Ax3soft Scout process activity monitor is a professional monitoring tool for Windows, it can monitor a process all-sidedly in real time, including process/thread, file system, Registry and network activity whit its powerful features. To create a detail report for process, Ax3soft Scout makes it easy to find and solve your computer problems, e.g. malware, troubleshooting.
Key Features

Real-time monitor and analyze
Ax3soft Scout can monitor process/thread, file system, Registry and network activity (includes: IP, ICMP, TCP and UDP conversations, HTTP visit, Email transfer and FTP transfer) real-time and analyze these activities to identify security threats with different colors.
Detail reports

Ax3soft Scout can analyze numerous activities to create a detail report for process, the report’s content is very clear, it includes all the threats found and some key activities events. You can find and solve computer problems quickly and easily with the report, even if you don’t have extensive computer knowledge.
Intuitive dashboard

The dashboard is a tool to quickly view the current monitoring status, including: activity event curve, activity events statistics and histogram and so on.
Type : Shareware » EULA
OS Support : WinVista,WinXP
Date stamp / Size : Nov, 10. 2014 / 6356 kBytes
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