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Computers can be really frustrating, especially when all of a sudden they become slow and start freezing up. Sometimes viruses and other malware can be the cause of this and if you don`t perform daily anti-virus scans, you might not discover the infection until it`s too late. Another way of identifying malware is analyzing the list of running processes and finding out what each process does.

But most likely it`s legitimate Windows processes and applications making life difficult. Some processes, like svchost.exe or lsass.exe, are known to consume 80%-100% of CPU and some applications, like Firefox, can use large amounts of RAM. Whenever this happens, your computer becomes a lot slower and might start freezing up.

That`s why it`s very important to know which processes are running on your system, how much CPU and RAM each process uses, and what each process does.

But imagine how tiresome and time-consuming it is to open the Task Manager, browse through the list of processes, and then spend a lot of time online researching what each of them does! Luckily, now there is an easier way to control Windows processes.

Fileinspect Sidebar Gadget is a free Windows sidebar tool that provides comprehensive information about the most resource-heavy processes running on your computer. It displays how much CPU and RAM each process uses. You can also view a detailed process description by clicking on the magnifying glass sign to find out whether that process is malware or a safe Windows process.

Fileinspect Sidebar Gadget will save you lots of time and trouble and help you be in total control of Windows processes.
Type : Freeware » EULA
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Jul, 31. 2009 / 46 kBytes
Asked : Pentium Proccessor, 16 MB RAM, 10 MB HDD
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v1.0.0 (July, 28. 2009)
This is the first version.
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