Photo Stamper 4.0

Free Photo Stamper screenshot fileWorks with Windows Vista
Photo Stamper is a powerful tool that allows you to browse, download, view (full screen slide show), manage, edit and master photos. It is designed to work with .JPG and .JPEG files. Photo Stamper has the unique ability to preserve the quality of the pictures and also to stamp a text to any of the picture`s corners. In addition to the free text, there are many other things that can be stamped like the date and time the picture was taken, the title, description, copyright, etc. It is also very helpful in selecting photos when you plan to order prints because it has another unique mastering feature where you can prepare all the photos you will order in a separate folder or media, without changing the original files. Then you can use that folder to order prints on-line or you can bring the media with you to a department store. Photo Stamper also can rotate, flip, crop, resize, adjust brightness/colors, remove red eyes, etc. It also can insert/update copyright information, description, title and GPS location within the picture based on Exif standards. The tool uses the GPS information within the picture to locate where the picture was taken or to stamp the location on the picture.
Type : Shareware ($24.99) » EULA
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Dec, 5. 2006 / 2842 kBytes
Asked : .NET 4.0
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Update history of Photo Stamper
v4.0 (September, 17. 2014)
Major Update
v3.5 (July, 6. 2011)
Minor Update
v3.4 (May, 21. 2011)
Picture orientation corrected.
v3.3 (August, 7. 2010)
Fixed bug introduced in version 3.2.
v3.2 (April, 10. 2010)
Improved memory management. Added Blackberry support.
v3.1 (March, 7. 2009)
x64 support; Allow rotation during slide show.
v3.0 (January, 7. 2009)
x64 support; Allow rotation during slide show.
v2.3 (October, 31. 2007)
x64 support; Allow rotation during slide show.
v2.2 (October, 6. 2007)
x64 support; Allow rotation during slide show.
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