Ares Galaxy PRO 5.5.0

Free Ares Galaxy PRO screenshot fileWorks with Windows Vista
Ares Galaxy Professional Edition is currently one of the most demanded BitTorrent file sharing clients around. Most users prefer it thanks to its simplicity, effectiveness, its attractive, easy to use interface and to the fact that its executable includes a directory and some option data to your PC, though keeping a very small file size and low CPU.

Installing the software requires the effort of a 9-year old. With a single-stage setup you can create a desktop icon and a Start menu entry for the application. Next, you are recommended to configure the Internet settings. Most likely you won`t have to change anything as the program supports UPnP port mapping. You might also want to associate the software with the torrent file type. That is easily done at anytime from the Preferences dialog, by choosing "General".

Another remarkable thing of Ares Galaxy Pro is the schedule feature which enables you to choose when you want to download files. Moreover, this feature also lets you change the bandwidth depending on the time of day. There are a few advanced options available via the Preferences dialog. However, there is little (if any) need to adjust any of them, as Ares Galaxy Pro just behaves excellent on most computers.

Apart from being user-friendly Ares Galaxy Professional Edition adds a port checker in the wizard menu, to make sure your TCP ports are accurately forwarded. This amazing application offers support to the protocol encryption joint specification and peer exchange.

Whatever you`re looking for (regarding features) at a BitTorrent client, Ares Galaxy Pro has it: bandwidth optimization, scheduling, RSS auto-downloading, and Mainline DHT.This program supports with Bittorrent but also lets you add multi-tracker data to the torrent and bears simultaneous downloads, download queue, selected downloads in torrent package, fast-resume, disk cache, speed limits, port mapping, proxy, ip-filter, etc. Ares Galaxy Pro is totally adware free!
Type : Freeware » EULA
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Dec, 2. 2006 / 14027 kBytes
Asked : internet connection
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Update history of Ares Galaxy PRO
v5.5.0 (November, 15. 2014)
Major functionality and database updates.
v5.4.0 (September, 18. 2014)
Major functionality and database updates.
v5.3.0 (June, 25. 2014)
Major functionality and database updates.
v5.2.0 (April, 14. 2014)
Major functionality and database updates.
v5.1.0 (March, 7. 2014)
Major functionality and database updates.
v5.0.0 (December, 23. 2013)
Major functionality and database updates.
v4.9.0 (October, 30. 2013)
Major functionality and database updates.
v4.8.6 (August, 22. 2013)
Major functionality and database updates.
v4.8.5 (June, 9. 2013)
Major functionality and database updates.
v4.8.4 (March, 7. 2013)
Accelerated download. Interface improvements. Small bugs fixed.
Distribution permissions for Ares Galaxy PRO
You may include ARES GALAXY PRO on any CD compilation. You may not sell ARES GALAXY PRO, it is FREEWARE!
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