Strategy Map Balanced Scorecard 6.8

Free Strategy Map Balanced Scorecard screenshot fileWorks with Windows Vista
A highly adaptable academically correct implementation of the Harvard University, Kaplan and Norton - Strategy Map Balanced Scorecard concept.
Can also be used for Cranfield Uni Performance Prism, Lean Thinking, Project Work and Asset Management.
The Strategy Map Mind-Map style Flowchart defines the Mission, Goals, Perspectives and Objectives which are then used to drive the Balanced Scorecard to develop Individual Employee scorecard-based Business Plans with Financial Planning and Graphical Analysis. The software is extremely adaptable and allows additional columns to be inserted beside the Objectives, KPIs and Measures thereby ensuring that it can suit almost any planning requirement.
It can also be used for Cranfield Performance Prism, Lean Thinking, Asset Management and Project work. It uses Closed-Loop technology where the Balanced Scorecard outcomes can actually be displayed back inside the Strategy Map and also features a cross-referencing section called Drill-Down-Dashboards where you can check the validity of your business plan.
XML Export and Import allow easy movement of business plans between users. With 2500 downloads every month since 2007, this in undeniably the worlds most popular and widely used Strategy Map Balanced Scorecard business planning software by a huge margin.
We have achieved our goal of providing low-cost Balanced Scorecard software and proven beyond any doubt that this kind of software does not need to be expensive.
Type : Freeware
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Dec, 6. 2006 / 10000 kBytes
Asked : Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 SP1
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Update history of Strategy Map Balanced Scorecard
v6.8 (September, 10. 2013)
Major Update
v6.6 (January, 23. 2013)
Major Update
v6.5 (August, 19. 2012)
Major Update
v6.4 (June, 29. 2011)
Major Update
v6.1 (June, 11. 2011)
Major Update
v5.8 (May, 10. 2011)
Major Update
v5.6 (November, 4. 2010)
Major Update
v5.2 (July, 8. 2010)
Major Update
v4.9 (May, 5. 2010)
Major Update
v4.8 (January, 1. 2010)
Major Update
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