OpenVPN WatchDog 5.0

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Simply start the OpenVPN WatchDog after initiating connection to your OpenVPN server. The program will automatically detect the private IP assigned to you by the OpenVPN server and
will start to monitor the connection. In the event that the OpenVPN server crashes, a barking dog sound is produced and an alert is given. In addition, the program will automatically
deactivate all internet connections on your computer. To enable internet connection again, simply press the “Enable All Network Connections” button and your normal internet access will
be restored.
Type : Commercial ($20.00) » EULA
OS Support : WinXP,Unix
Date stamp / Size : Dec, 6. 2015 / 912 kBytes
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Update history of OpenVPN WatchDog
v2.0 (August, 23. 2011)
Major Update
v1.0 (April, 9. 2011)
Fast sending speed using multithreading
Background sending with browser closed
Email processing statistics
Inbuilt SMTP server tester
Support for SSL/TLS/STARTTLS Encrption Protocols
Support for email sending rate limiting per minute
Distribution permissions for OpenVPN WatchDog
Copyrighted Software.
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