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Personal Finances is an elegant, easy, yet technically advanced home financial tool. Putting budget tracking on auto-pilot, the program will help users to track income and expenses, plan budget and cut back on purchases you can live without. Personal Finances Pro will also help users to track expected spending, income and see how much money the user will have at any date in the future. Personal Finances is portable and can be installed on any USB drive.

Designed with the beginner in mind, Personal Finances lets anyone start budget planning without a learning curve and shock from software complexity. For the most part this is due to a easy, well-designed interface. The main window puts all tools, financial transactions, accounts and options in front of the user, letting you review any budget item and modify it.

To get started, the user is required to create accounts, which can be a credit card, etc, real bank account, cash, pocket money. The next step is to enter transactions, both earnings and purchases. To make it simpler for the user to track spending in details, transactions can be defined with family members, tags, categories. Tags help to recognize between similar transactions that fall into the same category.

Personal Finances allow user to generate pie, bar chart reports and trands with totals and percentages that reflect the flow of money for any period of time. The user can generate reports by tags, categories, family members. By clicking on any item in the report, user can drill down deeper to transactions associated with the item. Reports can be saved to file in HTML, CHM, or TXT, or printed to paper.

The program and its reports helps the user review the financial health of the family budget, see the spending categories that need to be trimmed in order to make a balanced budget one can live on without lapsing into debt.
Type : Shareware ($29.95) » EULA
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Apr, 26. 2009 / 8836 kBytes
Asked : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7; 30MB disk space
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Update history of Personal Finances Pro
v5.3 (July, 22. 2013)
Compression of a database file added.
New interface.
Many small bugs fixed.
Budget tab updated.
Lager icons. Same icons set for accounts and categories.
Font size option added.
User can link loan to transaction.
Transaction full details hint added.
Hotkeys added.
v5.1 (April, 23. 2012)
CSV and QIF import/export improved
OFX import added
Import preview
Automatic backup
Sum of selected transactions added
Reports improved
Few minor changes
User guide updated
v4.5 (July, 11. 2011)
CSV and QIF import/export improved
OFX import added
Import preview
Automatic backup
Sum of selected transactions added
Reports improved
Few minor changes
User guide updated
v4.3 (March, 19. 2011)
Accounts grouping
Loans redesigned
Lots of minor changes
v4.2 (December, 30. 2010)
Accounts grouping
Loans redesigned
Lots of minor changes
v4.0 (June, 21. 2010)
Unicode support
Export to/import from qif
Summary view
Customizable date and amount formats
Income and transfers in splits
Grouping by splits
Manual approve for scheduled transactions
Loans and credits keeping
Transactions in any currency
Updated budget
Small notes (tasks)
v3.8 (November, 2. 2009)
Batch (split) transaction,
Improved calendar view,
Improved budget,
Few bugs fixed
v3.7 (August, 17. 2009)
new 400 icons for categories
exchange rates updating via internet
v3.5 (April, 23. 2009)
Advanced budget (accounts, categories, family members and tags).
Account reconciliation.
v3.2 (November, 23. 2008)
icons for accounts and categories, non-cleared transactions, month total, initial balance
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