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Today, businesses are going online. Effective web marketing starts with the thorough analysis of your potential customers` browsing habits, web site effectiveness monitoring and geo-targeting.

Raw web server logs offer a lot of valuable marketing information. The only question is what tool we use to extract this precious data from meaningless lines of alphanumeric characters, which is what actually web server logs are. The right tool makes the difference between a lame e-business development strategy and a winning one!

Introducing Geo Log Analyzer by Altstone Software, a unique web server log analyzer capable of representing geographical stats on your website visitors in a self-explanatory visual representation on the world map!

Geo Log Analyzer is a specialized net-marketing tool that has the entire power of traditional web server log analyzers plus a unique geographical traffic distribution visualization module. This innovative tool can be used for a variety of purposes, such as determining the most content-consuming countries and even towns within a country for a particular website in order to optimize bandwidth and content language; initial e-marketing studies; fine-tuning geography-based content serving; disabling certain geographical locations on the server.
Weak geo-targeting, especially on large websites, may result in bringing useless traffic (e.g. visitors from countries that actually never purchase products due to the peculiarities of their national payment systems or low overall level of merchantability for a particular product on a particular national market). In this case, website owners have to invest more in hosting solutions while decreasing profits. Luckily, Geo Log Analyzer can prevent unwanted losses!

All in all, this unique solution is much more like a handy multi-tool for everyday use by a web marketer. Simply create a project, specify which log files to analyze and see your visitors, right on the map!
Type : Shareware ($49.95)
OS Support : WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003
Date stamp / Size : Nov, 25. 2006 / 12473 kBytes
Asked : Pentium III 500 MHz, 128 MB RAM
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Geo Log Analyzer

License for use and distribution

The Geo Log Analyzer is distributed as try-before-you-buy. This means:

1. All copyrights to Geo Log Analyzer are exclusively owned by Altstone Software.
2. Anyone may use this software during a test period of 30 days. Following this test period of 30 days or less, if you wish to continue to use Geo Log Analyzer, you MUST register.
3. Once registered, the user is granted a non-exclusive license to use Geo Log Analyzer on one computer (i.e. a single cpu), for any legal purpose, at a time. The registered Geo Log Analyzer may not be rented or leased, but may be permanently transferred, if the person receiving it agrees to terms of this license. If the software is an update, the transfer must include the update and all previous versions.
4. The Geo Log Analyzer unregistered trial version, may be freely distributed, with exceptions noted below, provided the distribution package is not modified. No person or company may charge a fee for the distribution of Geo Log Analyzer without written permission from the copyright holder. The Geo Log Analyzer unregistered trial version may not be bundled or distributed with any other package without written permission of the copyright holder.
5. To register you must complete the registration form and send it, with registration fee, to one of the authorized registration sites.
7. You may not use, copy, emulate, clone, rent, lease, sell, modify, decompile, disassemble, otherwise reverse engineer, or transfer the licensed program, or any subset of the licensed program, except as provided for in this agreement. Any such unauthorized use shall result in immediate and automatic termination of this license and may result in criminal and/or civil prosecution. All rights not expressly granted here are reserved by Altstone Software.
8. Installing and using Geo Log Analyzer signifies acceptance of these terms and conditions of the license.
9. If you do not agree with the terms of this license you must remove Geo Log Analyzer files from your storage devices and cease to use the product.

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