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Free 1st Clock Classic vista file

Shareware by Green Parrots Software
Downloads : 25
File size : 1199Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

See the date as well as the time in the tray clock in a way you want. Monitor PC performance. Show the calendar in one click. View the time in other time zones.
Free 2400hour elite vista file

Freeware by Lau Han Ching Software 2004 homemade
Downloads : 28
File size : 457Kb
OS : Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003

2400hour elite shows the time everywhere in the world.2400hour elite can display the local time in up to 350 cities simultaneously, plus North America, Europe, Australia, Letter time zones, USA , Canada . TimeZone Converter and Calendar
Free 5pSoft Clock vista file

Freeware by 5pSoft inc
Downloads : 97
File size : 433Kb
OS : Windows All

Here`s a free timer utility program that offers a novel and interesting way of presenting the current time on your Windows desktop. This is a freeware.
Free AB-Clock vista file

Shareware by GRAHL software design
Downloads : 37
File size : 2139Kb
OS : Windows All

AB-Clock is the indispensable tool for your desktop. At last the clock in your Windows taskbar shows the current date. Additionally, with AB-Clock you keep ahead because of the integrated system and download monitor. Calendar, alarms, world time ...
Free AbAlarm vista file

Freeware by Abelssoft
Downloads : 40
File size : 13146Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

AbAlarm - A virtual and free alarm clock for your PC.
Free Ace Clock XP vista file

Shareware by ECREW Developers
Downloads : 22
File size : 1590Kb
OS : Windows All

AceClock is a skinable transparent desktop clock with organizer and stickers, skins support, atomic internet time synchronization, fully customizable see through display and convenient interface, it is designed to suit any and all your needs
Free Active Alarm Clock vista file

Shareware by Drive Software Company
Downloads : 37
File size : 2151Kb
OS : Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003

Say bye to the conventional Windows tray clocks. Not only does it display time in the hour-and-minute fashion, the clock also displays date, time for any time zone, current weather conditions, forecasts and alarm clock. Over 130 skins.
Free Advanced Time Control vista file

Shareware by VicMan Software
Downloads : 31
File size : 1440Kb
OS : Windows All

Protect your children against common PC dangers! Advanced Time Control lets you specify when exactly your PC can be used and for how long. Remember that your children needs your help in establishing their limits.
Free Advanced Time Synchronizer vista file

Shareware by Southsoftware.com
Downloads : 15
File size : 10514Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

This is a function rich and easy-to-use computer clock corrector. Using the time servers on the Internet, it can correct PC time repeatedly at regular intervals, supports proxy servers, works as a local time server and can be started as service.
Free AIV Reminder vista file

Freeware by AIV software
Downloads : 50
File size : 11318Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Talking Alarm Clock.contains Analog clock,digital clock,Calendar,Stopwatch etc.Either a sound of MP3/wave format can be set to be played or a talking character can be set to remind of events.The characters(like genie) can read the reminder text.
Free Alarm vista file

Freeware by Ossisoft
Downloads : 105
File size : 19Kb
OS : Win98,WinXP

Simple freeware desktop alarm clock
Free Alarm vista file

Freeware by Bluefive software
Downloads : 66
File size : 704Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
Alarm is a digital clock that you can set to display a message and play a sound at a time of your choice. It is meant to be of help when you want to be warned while you are working.
Free Alarm Clock vista file

Shareware by WorkHorse Games
Downloads : 25
File size : 2764Kb
OS : Windows All

This program is a customizable alarm clock. It allows you to set a different alarm for each day of the week as well as disable the alarm for that day. The alarm sound can be set to any .wav sound of your choice. The display is large and easy to read
Free Alarm Clock vista file

Shareware by RTSoftwares
Downloads : 42
File size : 301Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Alarm Clock is a Software utility which can be used to setup an Alarm easily. Alarm Clock supports speaking Text and playing .wav file. Snooze Operation is supported by the Alarm Clock. Download Alarm Clock Software for Windows and setup alarm on pc
Free Alarm Clock 4 Free vista file

Freeware by EIPC
Downloads : 34
File size : 1612Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Wake up, remember weekly appointments, never miss a meeting with EIPC`s amazing Alarm Clock 4 Free. Customize each alarm, by marking the weekdays and choosing your favorite song, rhythm or alarm sound for each appointment.
Free Alarm Clock for Daily Alarms vista file

Shareware by RTSoftwares
Downloads : 31
File size : 7370Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Alarm Clock Download for Setting up Daily Alarms On XP, Vista and Windows 7. Easy to Use Interface allows audio or video files to be launched at alarm time. The Alarm Clock has been tested on Windows 7, Vista and XP. Download Alarm Clock Software Now
Free Alarm Reminder eBay Edition vista file

Shareware by trulabs.com
Downloads : 29
File size : 1935Kb
OS : Windows All

Never miss another eBay auction when you "bid late, buy low" with this fully functional yet lightweight tool. Be reminded by an onscreen message, flashing screen, alarm sound or music file. Or use it as a normal alarm clock too!
Free Alarm Timer vista file

Freeware by WoodenSoldier
Downloads : 270
File size : 53Kb
OS : Windows All

Alarm Timer is an alarm clock on PC. If your need alarm on your trip, you can use your PC as an alram clock.
Free Alarmbelle vista file

Shareware by Clarkscript
Downloads : 32
File size : 2898Kb
OS : Windows All

PC alarm clock with stopwatch, timer and metric conversion. Set multiple alarms with music, graphic or video alert. Stopwatch with record keeping.
Free AlarmJ vista file

Freeware by VXZ-Spectrum
Downloads : 31
File size : 307Kb
OS : WinXP

AlarmJ is a small countdown timer with a minimalist interface. It can be set for up to 90 minutes and plays any WAV file when time expires. If you are taking a nap, cooking, or rationing out TV time to your kids, this free program makes it easy.
Free AlfaClock Free Edition vista file

Freeware by AlfaSoft Research Labs
Downloads : 88
File size : 2137Kb
OS : Windows All

AlfaClock is a handy taskbar clock with powerful capabilities and stylish design. It comes with Atomic Clock Synchronization feature, alarm, ISO8601 compliant calendar, and date/time announcer. Download your copy of AlfaClock now
Free AlfaClock2 vista file

Shareware by AlfaSoft Research Labs
Downloads : 31
File size : 2879Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

AlfaClock enhances your tray clock functionality. It can speak the time, start Windows applications at a specified time, indicate processor and memory loads and more...
Free AlfaMini vista file

Freeware by AlfaSoft Research Labs
Downloads : 23
File size : 365Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

AlfaMini is full featured desktop clock, countdown and stop-watch
Free Alpha Clock vista file

Freeware by Irnis I.Haliullin
Downloads : 33
File size : 65Kb
OS : Windows All

AlphaClock is an tiny clock utility with miniature, but very nice and sharp LCD-style digital watch display. It allow choose any colors for display background and digits, or use any predefined color sheme.
Free Amazing Clock vista file

Shareware by Amazing-Clock.com
Downloads : 32
File size : 2495Kb
OS : Windows All

There are a lot of amazing clocks - on your desktop! Analog and digital, electronic and mechanical, modern sporting and elegant antique ones...
Free AMI Ultimate Screen Clock vista file

Shareware by Alchemy Mindworks
Downloads : 27
File size : 3426Kb
OS : Windows All

Integrate a digital or analog clock with your desktop, schedule reminders and other tasks up to a century in advance, keep your system clock accurate with an Internet atomic clock time server, display your clock as a screen saver and much more.
Free Amphis - Time vista file

Freeware by Amphis Software
Downloads : 23
File size : 750Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Amphis - Time has an on screen timer and keeps a running total of the time spent on each of multiple tasks. Export to spreadsheet at the click of a button.
Free Analogue Vista Clock vista file

Shareware by 4 Neurons
Downloads : 98
File size : 558Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
Analogue Vista Clock is an outstanding quality alarm clock for your desktop. It comes with six awesome, real time rendered vista-style skins, and you can download more. It can play one of it`s build-in alarm sounds or any other external sound file.
Free Angels Web Solutions Desktop Alarm Clock vista file

Shareware by Angels Web Solutions
Downloads : 25
File size : 5146Kb
OS : Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003

AWS (Angels Web Solutions) Desktop Clock is our very own clock utility for your desktop. We offer it FREE of charge for Unlimited trial days. Clock has 5 skins, rings every hour, display different verse every time you open it.
Free Aquarius Soft PC Alarm Clock Pro vista file

Shareware by Aquarius Soft Pte Ltd
Downloads : 61
File size : 1778Kb
OS : Windows All + Vista

Free Vista Files award
Aquarius Soft PC Alarm Clock Pro is a simple, accurate, light, elegant and powerful PC alarm clock software. Works even if your system goes to sleep or hibernate, saving your electricity bills! Download free trial now at: http://www.aquariussoft.com/