Speed Test Standard 1.0.736

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Bandwidth Speed Testing at its greatest. Most products only monitor your traffic across your network cards, of` course Speed Test will also, however our product will also download a file from our server at a given time interval in order to test your maximum capability of your Internet connection. We didn`t stop there, you can also test your home, work, LAN or WAN network speeds.

If you have a website, then here is a tool you can`t live without. Speed Test will also allow you to test the bandwidth of your website along with testing your Response time, connection time and even reporting errors like 404, 503, etc...

Ping testing is another option available, allowing you to ping an IP Address at a regular interval fully automated. This ping response time can also be converted into bps automatically for you.

Another wonderful feature is the WIFI signal strength. You can test how good your signal strength is over time in a graph. This is great for testing different conditions and locations to find where you get the best reception.

Along with all those wonderful features, Speed Test can also measure you CPU Usage (and it supports multiple CPUs), Memory usage, Hard Drive usage, Process memory usage, Battery charge status, System uptime and much more.

All these features can be monitored on a line graph, bar graph, or even graphs in the Systray area, making Speed Test the most unintrusive meter available using the least amount of resources giving you the power to monitor all your systems resources along with any other resources you are concerned about.

With the power and beauty of Speed Test, you cannot go wrong. You can have it all in one single software package.
Type : Shareware ($49.95)
OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Nov, 21. 2007 / 5024 kBytes
Asked : Internet Connection
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Update history of Speed Test Standard
v1.0.736 (April, 17. 2011)
Misc startup issues
v1.0.7330 (March, 8. 2011)
Registration fix, Graph Rename
v1.0.733 (May, 7. 2010)
Registration fix, Graph Rename
v1.0.73 (January, 22. 2010)
Registration fix, Graph Rename
v1.0.7 (March, 1. 2008)
New Glass look and feel, fixed installation issues
v1.0.6 (November, 20. 2007)
Incorrect Drive space readings fixed
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