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Stop wasting time typing the same things over and over again! Save text clips in textBEAST clipboard manager for reference and just click to paste them when needed, accurately and free of typos. textBEAST has unlimited capacity, unlike the Windows clipboard, which can hold only one clip at a time. It`s easy to organize and find what you`re looking for, thanks to customizable button names and fast-access user-defined libraries. Password-protected for security.

Copy items into textBEAST using mouse clicks, drag-and-drop or keyboard shortcuts, and textBEAST will keep them ready for you, whenever you need them. To paste copied items, just click! Also, textBEAST`s Auto Clipboard automatically keeps the last 20 items that you copied in other applications.

It`s not just for text clips. You can also save and launch web site addresses--a much better way to store and organize all of your favorite sites--and files/folders on your computer, to keep frequently used material at your fingertips. For added utility, screen capture is available for snapshots of what you see on screen, great for saving documentation of online transactions and communications.

Because finding and pasting what you need is so quick and easy, textBEAST can be used for document automation. Save all of your carefully worded professional clips in textBEAST and click to paste them to assemble reports, much more effectively than with your word processor`s autotext and autocorrect functions. Preparation of legal documents and medical reports can be simplified with textBEAST, which can also nicely supplement an electronic medical record application.

Even if your secretary does your typing for you, textBEAST will increase your overall productivity and accuracy by reducing the turnaround time for reports and minimizing the need to edit the final documents. textBEAST is an essential tool for anyone who wants to increase productivity by saving time and effort while increasing accuracy.
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OS Support : Windows All + Vista
Date stamp / Size : Jun, 25. 2010 / 4858 kBytes
Asked : 16 MB RAM
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Update history of textBEAST clipboard manager
v3.6.2 (March, 5. 2012)
textBEAST clipboard manager version 3.6.2 increases the default window size for improved utility, updates the QuickStart Guide, removes outdated features, and updates the Help file.
v3.6.1 (August, 17. 2011)
textBEAST clipboard manager version 3.6.1 adds the option to show/hide the copy and paste buttons and a password protected read-only mode (in the Pro version) to prevent editing of stored information. This version also fixes an undo function bug.
v3.5.1 (December, 30. 2010)
textBEAST clipboard manager version 3.5.1 adds a database find/replace function, print function, and optimizes multiple other functions.
v3.4.4 (December, 7. 2010)
Textbox right-click menus simplified, Find/Replace added to Edit Window, AutoClipboard errors corrected.
v3.0.138 (June, 4. 2010)
Version 3.0 adds many new features and an improved appearance
Distribution permissions for textBEAST clipboard manager
The trial version of textBEAST clipboard manager can be freely distributed without modification.
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