Implemented the Native Barcode Generator for FileMaker as a Custom Function to support Windows and Mac platforms, both 32 bit and 64 bit.

New file signatures added

Added: possibility to create ports for the current user session only. Allows RDP users to create port with the same name (e.g. COM1) in each user session. Added: you can enable automatic update of ports` list, thus you can see pairs created in other user sessions...

Support large cheque paper, which and can print cheque together with payment voucher; Allow to import Cheque and Payment Voucher records from CSV file; Adjust Cheque Import dialog and provide help guideline; Add option to print text amount in Indonesian

added english docs (online manual)

Easyboost Photo Print is the best designed software for photo print and gives user option to make batch of photos on layout pages. One can also prepare its own template by applying customize settings such as set print size according to their wish and the best part is that when user will preview the page it will exactly give him the same look as it will be shown after printing.

LDAP filter validation with warning tooltip and auto correct feature LDAP Schema extensions Object browser support for distinguished names

Performance panel, warping, track automation, tons of enhancements

With Akick Perfect Uninstaller programs, you can uninstall all the corrupted and unwanted programs. In addition, it also helps you to removes numerous of error which they occur continuously. However, this software also recovers system space, backup files; prevent PC from corrupted registry error, show information while installing a program in the computer. However, It helps your PC perform at full speed by taking proper care of window registry.

new functions and options

Windows 10 compatible

New updates include performance improvements and enhancements to encoding routines and design style.

Poecilia Latipinna Wallpaper is a cool interactive freshwater wallpaper that allows you to enjoy all the beauty of the poecilia latipinna swimming on your desktop. Colorful aquarium background and realistic-looking fish make Poecilia Latipinna Wallpaper better than the real thing. Poecilia latipinna is a species of the genus Poecilia fish. This species is represented by a large number of subpopulations and locations.

A chest of gold and precious stones lay at the bottom of the ocean. Sometime later, divers found a few coins and other gems. News of the jackpot scattered on the seabed quickly spread and reached the treasure seeker, who decided to get down there and make this treasure his own. This game takes you to the seafloor, with nice graphics, a variety of units, and chests of gold coins and diamonds which the player must collect.

The game Snake is known around the world and enjoyed by people of all ages. As during childhood, when a neighborhood boy introduced Tetris and then soon a line formed to play it. Also in great demand was this snake game. The principle of the game is to control a snake that crawls on the pitch and devours cubes.

Major bugfixes ...

Registry Cleaner ActiveX is a dll control for advanced features to scan and remove unused and old entries. Registry Cleaner ActiveX allows to make a backup registry, create system restore point (SRP) and rollback-file with deleting entries. With Registry Cleaner ActiveX developer also doing undo-operation, restore registry from backup and restore system from SRP.

Cartoon Clownfish Fish Wallpaper offers you a small virtual school of cartoon clownfish swimming about their business. Get this wallpaper and funny cartoon clownfish will make your life brighter. The program`s own background image is a soothing view of underwater world, however you can use the cartoon clownfish with your own wallpaper pictures. The scene contains five cartoon clownfish, they are beautiful, lively and playful.

Trade Navigator is the universal system for automated accounting for the movement of goods and funds. Due to its flexibility it can be used to keep any records at enterprises of different types. This program can be used to enter, to process, and to store information on the activities of the enterprise. Using the collected information, the system allows you to create different forms of account.

Common Goldfish Wallpaper is an interactive and smoothly desktop background which let you click of your mouse to guide Common Goldfish fish in any given direction. Common Goldfish is a very gracious and beautiful aquarium fish of the goldfish species. The common goldfish is the simplest variation of all goldfish breeds and is the fish that most resembles its carp ancestors.

Catch Tanago Fish Screensaver will bring 200 tanago fish to your desktop which gives you a chance to do some fishing for Tanago.

+Modified engine, higher speed and overall improved performace

Outlook Duplicate Items Remover Software updated version offers enhanced performance and supports Windows 8.1 and MS Outlook 2013.

More and more people keep their collection digitally on the hard drive. These collections grow in a fast fashion so you easily loose track of every single song. Computers, mobile media players and your home cinema will try to read the meta-information of the files played. Unless they don`t exist. This is where the TagMan unleashes his real power. He can find information about every song on the internet and add missing data to the files.

EDB File Recovery Software to Recover EDB File

The program displays a block of web pages and maps for web analysis. You can analyze images, print and save maps. Arrange web pages on a virtual desktop to start the analysis. Create webpage screenshots.

This latest development is the right solution for replacing the Windows 10 menu. Start Menu 10 uses unique interface solutions such as virtual groups and one-click launch. A smart list of popular applications and apps contains the most frequently and recently used applications. The interface is built on a decade of experience in developing alternative menus. Special features of cognitive perception and visual memory were taken into consideration.

Falcula Butterflyfish Wallpaper is a free interactional fish wallpaper containing many interesting falcula butterflyfish that swimming around your computer desktop. You can move it to any other places by left-clicking the falcula butterflyfish, and move it to other places. Download the latest falcula butterflyfish wallpaper and decorate your desktop with suitable falcula butterflyfish. If you like falcula butterflyfish in a reef aquarium, you sho

Most digital video recorders, including satellite, (Topfield, DreamBox and so on) use the MPEG format for compressing the digitized video signals. But you cannot play back the recordings with a regular MPEG player on your computer (or create DVD from this MPEG) because they are formatted differently from the standard MPEG2 format. This program converts .rec and .ts formats (from DVR`s) to the standard MPEG2 format.

WinX Free MP4 to 3GP Video Converter is a FREE video converter for converting MP4 video to 3GP format. This free MP4 to 3GP video converter provides you fast MP4 to 3GP video converting speed while keeping original video quality. Besides, this free MP4 to 3GP converter is able to grab the MP4 video image and saved as PNG format files. 100% Clean, No Spyware, No Malware, No Adware and No Virus.

Diamond Neon Tetra Screensaver is a free animated desktop Screensaver that brings virtual Diamond Neon Tetra swimming around your desktop while you work. You will see a school of green fire fish swim closely together and you can put swimming Diamond Neon Tetra anywhere you want. The Diamond Neon Tetra is an unfussy eater accepting most foods.

fix major bug in Windows 8

Windows 10 compatibility

New versions of Enstella Exchange Recovery Software efficiently recover Exchange EDB to PST, EML, MSG or HTML.

Updated version of Enstella Freeware EDB to PST Software you can easily & gracefully convert EDB to PST Freeware.

We have worked very hard to earn the reputation that we have in the plumbing services, and we’ll do whatever it takes to keep that great reputation intact! We’re not happy until you, the customer, are happy, and that is our guarantee!

1. Added the support for new Java protections. 2. Fixed a problem that output file size is too small when compressing Blu-ray sources to BD25 in certain cases. 3. Fixed a problem that the subtitle is out of sync when compressing Blu-ray 3D sources to SBS 3D format in Blu-ray copy.

Download Auto Liker for Facebook software to gain likes on Facebook posts like: Status, Photo, Video, Custom Code etc. This is a spam free tool to increase likes on Facebook post, this software will never post on Facebook on your behalf. This software can help you to win any competition on any Facebook page by increasing likes on your Facebook posts. It provides 250+ likes on per post submit.

1. Added support of iOS8.4. 2. Added support of iTunes 12.2. 3. Fixed other known bugs.

The fish can produce a shadow in the light of the rays. The shadow moves with the fish. The shadow of the fish and the fish is inseparable. Do you want to see only the shadow of the fish. The Shadow Fish Wallpaper can realize your desire. It contains six kinds of common tropical fish shadow. The shadows of fish Fish swimming on your desktop. The Shadow Fish Wallpaper will bring a fresh feeling to your computer desktop.